Day 27: Quiet Night

November 27th, 2012

Tonight is a quiet night at home.

So much fun with little Miss Annabelle today, who was so happy to see some of her little friends in art class today. My child has no fear of mess. It does not phase her to be covered in paint, goo, or soapy bubbles. That's my girl! At home we colored together with animal head crayons that were supposed to be a stocking stuffer (oops!) We played many, many games of Ring Around the Rosy, read many books, chased the cats. And tonight when I told her it was time for bed, she said, "Oh No!" haha. She went to bed just fine though. 

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I love this. This piece is amazing Leah! I see one of your tattoos represented here as well which is awesome. :) How many of your AEDM pieces make it to the gallery for sale?

this is so wonderfully magical. and i love the fact that your daughter is so fearless in her creativity, too!

Oh I think this is my favourite of yours for aedm so far! :-)

Beautiful and magical. I love that purple.

And, so gorgeously whimsical!

It is so great to read of fun times with Annabelle. I know that relief of little ones quieting down easily so we can hang out with our creative selves.

Its interesting because my AEDM project yesterday included a moon/tear drop theme that is actually leftover from a painting I did in the fifth or sixth grade. Can you believe I remember those moments, painting it?

Anyway – love this one so much. I can literally feel myself in the boat.

Great work, great post! I’m a big fan of cat-chasing & I often get that oh-no feeling when it’s time for bed — except I mostly ignore it, in favor of staying up ridiculously late! (Bad choice. I need a live-in mother to curtail that sort of thing!)

Just rediscovered your Creative Every Day thing. Time to recommit, I think :-)

Just love this one Leah – I can see the girl that Annabelle will be in a few years in that boat and the moon looks like her ultrasound. It’s beautiful.

Sounds like you’ve had loads of fun today, it’s great to share all that wonder and fun with little ones! Annabelle sounds so happy, and your beautiful painting is just adorable, so dreamy and poetic!

I think this is my favorite of all the work I’ve seen you do. Absolutely magical!!

Beautiful work, Leah. I feel the peacefulness of the night.

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