Day 7 – First Snow

November 7th, 2012

In honor of the first snow of the season, I did this painting. Growing up in New England, I feel like I should be used to and/or love the snow. I do not. But, when I'm safely tucked inside, all warm and cozy, the first snow of the season is beautiful.

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Aw, this is beautiful. We don’t get much snow in East Texas. I wish you could send some our way!

So beautiful and ethereal. Growing up with snow I still miss it. Of course we only get it for 2-4 days a year which helps maintain some of the romance! Stay cozy!

I love it, Leah. I haven’t seen snow in so long from outside my own window. Enjoy it as much as you can! Your painting is lovely.

It is gorgeous! So peaceful and delicate!

Such a lovely piece! I agree with you about the snow. If it would only snow off the roads, somehow skirting the road and falling on the side it would be great.

Ah, LOVE it. It only snows here once every couple of decades or so. Love the piece!

first snow for you and first day hot enough to hit the pool for me… so hot I am thinking maybe snow would be preferable!!!

Beautiful Leah!!!

That is beautiful Leah! I grew up in NH and miss the copious amounts of snow from my youth. ;) NW Ohio doesn’t get near enough in my humble opinion! I love the feelings this evokes. Happy Sigh!

Leah your painting is beautiful! So magical and elegant, I love this.

This evokes memories of watching the snow from my windows as a small child in NYC

The simple lines…there is also a “veil” lifted in this one, compared to how I see your other work. Almost like the outlines are just barely there…and she is blending in with her environment.

Beautiful work! Interesting too. I see the young lady looking at what are obviously beautiful, unique (infinitely, perhaps?) flakes, but conflicted in her feelings of those beautiful, unique flakes.

I’m in the same camp as most of the other commentors … living here in Texas, snow is a treat! But my heart goes out to all those who’s lives got blown up by Sandy and now have to contend with cold and snow.

So very beautiful Leah. I love how the snowflakes are mini-mandalas.

Yes first snow is always beautiful – just like this!

So beautiful, I love how the snowflakes are all unique.

Gorgeous! I love this!

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