November 29th, 2012

Another intuitive piece today. Simple, but I'm loving it. Seems fitting that the second day of this month brought a mother - daughter image and the second to last day did as well.

I can not believe that tomorrow is the last day of Art Every Day Month this year! As always, it flew.

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and so it begins

Thank you for hosting the AEDM. It has spurred a lot of art activity in me!
I love this mother daughter floating-on-dream-wings painting!

Leah your paintings are beautiful, they have atmosphere and such character, I love your work, so very inspiring!

I love this piece of yours, one of my favorites now!

I love watching your mother-daughter pieces coming to life, right in front of our eyes.

I love this image and the way it shows that whether we know it or not, we’re accompanied on our journey. Just lovely.

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