I’m back!

November 19th, 2012

I'm back from my trip to Florida and I managed to continue creating. Here's my art from today and the days I was away.

Butterfly Skirt

Dream Forest

Golden Forest

A quick sketch of Annabelle running in the sand.

Moonlit Boat Ride

6 Responses

I love those purples in the forests!

Lovely work, Leah…I especially love your sketch of Annabelle. :)

Leah your pieces are lovely, I especially like your sketch of little Annabelle running, it’s such a lovely piece, capturing her freedom as she runs happily in the sunshine!

Beautiful work, Leah! My favorite is Dream Forest, but Annabelle running is a close second!

Looks like you captured some beautiful scenes from your trip. I love, love, love the one of Annabelle!

Beautiful work and I’m so impressed you found time to do these while you were away. I love Annabelle running.

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