Inkblot and 2013 Calendar

November 24th, 2012

Finally home tonight after a week of Thanksgiving celebrations with a variety of family. It was a wonderful week, but we're pooped! I've just put up the pre-order page for my 2013 Calendar. I'm getting them out later than usual this year, so I'm doing a limited amount. This year, I'm filling the pages with art from this month of Art Every Day, including Creating a Forest of Her Own, Snow in Her Hair, and Fall into Winter. I'll also do a special drawing on your birth date (or the birthday of a gift recipient) in the calendar! You can pre-order yours by 12/5 to get it by Christmas (if you're in the States/Canada. I can't guarantee Christmas delivery for other countries, but you can still order them. They might make it!) I'll have more details on the calendar soon.

And here's my inkblot art for the evening. Another blue-haired ladies image!

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Very creative ‘inkblots’ ~ love the powerful energy of these women and the ethereal quality to them at the same time ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Still hanging in there working on paintings in progress. Waiting for better weather to photograph the latest!

So excited your beautiful calendar is back Leah! I’ve just loved this year’s. Looking forward to receiving the new one soon! xx

Clever andlovely! Are you having a creative every day again any timesoon?

Thanks, guys!

Thanks so much, Lorinda! :-)

Alicia, I do a year-long Creative Every Day Challenge with weekly check-ins!

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