20 Little Lights

December 17th, 2012

Along with many people around the world, I was devastated by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut last week. Especially now, as a parent, I can't imagine the pain those affected must be going through.

The evening of the tragedy, I sat down and painted this piece, 20 Little Lights, honoring the 20 children whose lives were cut short. My heart goes out to the children and brave adults whose lives were taken that day and the family, friends, and community they left behind.

I will be offering prints of this piece for sale, with all proceeds going to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund (run by the United Way.) If you're so inclined, you can purchase a print here.

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Such a beautiful piece, Leah! What a wonderful way to honor those children who lost their lives in this terrible tragedy.

This is a stunning image, Leah…just perfect.

…this takes my breath away and here’s why: ‘There is a story, told by some of the Native Amercian peoples about the stars in the midnight sky. Each star, they say, is a hole pierced in the veil of heaven by souls that have died, and the light that shines through is the light of God, the Great Spirit, the Great Mystery.’ p.3 Make Me An Insturment of Your Peace by Kent Nerburn …….stunning…..

Uplifting. What a beautiful way to honor those little ones

Sweet tribute.

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