2013 Creative Every Day Challenge

December 4th, 2012

Another year is coming to a close (that was fast!) and so it's time to recommit to our creativity with the 2013 Creative Every Day Challenge!

As always, I like this challenge to be low-pressure and wide ranging. When we commit to daily creativity, we find that creative moments can be found everywhere and in everything we do: from decorating for the holidays, painting, doodling on the junk mail, singing with our children, writing poems, knitting socks, baking bread, and taking photographs (just as a start.)

You can read more about the history of the challenge here and sign up for 2013 here.

Again, this year we'll have a (totally optional) theme for each month. Use the theme if it inspires you during the month or go with what's working for you. I like having a theme to bounce off of because I've found having some restrictions or guidelines helps me. I would love to get your ideas for themes for 2013 (brainstorm in the comments!) If I use one of your theme ideas, I will give you credit (and a link, if you have one!)

Each Monday, the weekly check-in will go up. Whenever you create during the week, use the Mr. Linky widget to share a link and/or the comments to share what you're up to.

Thank you to everyone who joined me this year. I look forward to sharing another year of creativity with you in 2013!

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ideas for themes: community, collaboration, connection, transformation, persistence, frogs, snakes and butterflies (yes, there’s a thread…;)

Looking forward to the ‘13 challenge. I like your broad definition of creativity…after all, art is how you live life.

I always have such good intentions when I start this ‘challenge’, but somehow (as I’m sure you know) time just flies and here we are at the end of a year…again. Here’s to 2013!

Ok, I’m in for 2013. God knows I need some prompting to get off the damn computer and MAKE art instead of just looking at it. Unfortunately, looking at it is so much fun. The World Wide Webs is just bursting with wonderful stuff and I get lost clicking from here to there to there, etc. But I’m going to make a concerted effort to spend more time at the art table!

I wasn’t very successful with the Art Every Day Month, but I’m hoping I can be more successful with the Creative Every Day challenge for 2013…
The themes that I think would be interesting challenges…
Night and Day

“silence” – what does it mean to you? Do you like silence or does it make you uncomfortable?

“ideal free day” – you have one day with zero obligations and lots of money. None of your actions on this day will impact your future. What would you do?

“bird’s eye view” – you can fly. Where will you go, what would you like to see?

Theme ideas:
the 4 directions (North, etc.)
the 7 chakras
elemental beings (gnomes, fairies, etc.)
the 4 elements (earth, air, etc)

Hi Leah, I’m a newbie, but I’m really looking forward to participating in 2013.

Count me in for 2013! I had fun doing the art every day last month.

Hello Leah, I love joining in whenever I can, so great to have come upon you here! I’ll be visiting and following your lovely art entries as always.

Creative everyday has such a positive impact on my life so I’m definitely in for 2013 :-) creativity has a huge benefit to my well being, so thank you for doing what you do x prompt wise, how about a colour or a mood or a time of day? Might be fun to have a month of evenings :-)

I´m #46, which is my age for 2013. :D I love that kind of number relationships. :D
My first plan is to go for a-picture-a-day for the 4th time. Of course that can change in these last days of 2012! ;)
Question: was 2008 your first badge? I have mine since then.

After missing most of AEDM2012 due to being poorly I’m keen to look forward to getting better and participating in CED2013!

Kat Xx

We’re really looking forward to next year’s challenge.

theme ideas could be: everyday matters, a regular walk, daily routine, inside, outside, above our heads, below our feet, food on our table, favourite things


looking forward to the new creative year!

Some great ideas for themes. Let’s also consider: motion, emotion, composition, geometry, contrast, color palettes, and biography.

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