Celebrating the Body, Your 2012, and 2013!

December 12th, 2012

Leonie Dawson is spectacular. Really. Love her.

Back in 2010, I did this video interview with her about her yearly workbook and planner and we also talked about the body because that was the Creative Every Day monthly theme at the time. It's a silly interview with lots of laughs and some cat bombs from two of my kitties. The sound doesn't match our mouths in the beginning for some reason, but it gets better. I think it's worth listening to because I know body issues come up a lot around this time of year!

One thing I like about Leonie's planner is that she has pages for celebrating all you've accomplished in the previous year (and sometimes it's easy to forget all you've accomplished in the last 12 months) and then lots of room to celebrate all you want to accomplish in the next year. It's important to do both!

Before you move on to 2013, take a moment to go through your year. If you have a blog, that can be a good way to look back, or look back through your digital photos. Look back at the risks you took, the people you met, the places you traveled to, the things (big and small) that you created, the people you touched, and the laughs you had. Make a list of some or all of these things and take a moment (or longer) to acknowledge and celebrate your year.

And if you'd like some extra help with the celebrations and planning, check out Leonie's beautiful planner and have a blast filling it out!

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Excellent idea to review the past year. I’ve been thinking about writing (in some way) about the twists & turns of 2012. So many things I just would not have considered happened this year. Some good & some unthinkably bad.

we need more celebratons!
fine to reveiw.
better to celebrate NOW!

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