Celebrating the Holidays

December 11th, 2012

I'd like to get into the holiday spirit with Annabelle and do some crafty stuff this year. Trying to contain the mess is a challenge! I do like how these ornaments came out though. A friend saw the idea on pinterest (I think) and I copied her, so I don't know where the idea originated from, but it's cute and simple and a nice craft to do with little ones.

I bought some plain red ornaments (some matte, some shiny) and then painted Annabelle's hand with white tempera paint (non-toxic). I pressed her hand on the bottom of the ornament, then repainted and did a few few more ornaments. (Be sure to have some extra ornaments, they won't all come out great.)

After cleaning up Annabelle and letting the ornaments dry, I used permanent markers to draw in the snowmen details and write Annabelle's name and the year. Sorry for the spoiler, grandparents! :-)

Now when Annabelle sees them, she says, "hand!" and puts her hand up against them. It'll be a nice memory of how small her little hands once were!

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That is adorable and what a precious keepsake.

Such a sweet and creative idea Leah, I love them!

How sweeeeeet! :D

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