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January 4th, 2013

I love a good giveaway, don't you? And this one is fantastic. Leonie just contacted me to ask if I'd like to give away a combo-pack of her Create Your Incredible Business and Life Workbook to a Creative Every Day reader!! So you'd get both the Life and Business editions! Wowza!

To win, leave a comment below (by Monday at noon EST) with one hope you have for the New Year. I'll randomly select the winner from your entries! Good luck!

Thank you to all who entered!! The randomly selected winner was entry #52, Nandita! I will be contacting you shortly!

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my hope is to stay present and positive and grateful :)

Oh, that would be an awesome way to try them! Thanks for hosting the giveway :-)

Hello, I bought this and your artwork is just lovely. I would say though, that although an interesting read, I personally feel it isn’t really an appropriate workbook for Christians – it might be worth mentioning this? Or perhaps it could be mentioned somewhere before purchasing that the booklet is an alternate spirituality to Christianity? Just a thought. Either way it is very well put together and it was a joy to see your illustrations xx

Leonie’s work is always filled with joy. I am sure her 2013 workbook is no exception.

That looks really fun! Id love to win.

be more creative and productive.

Looks like a really beautiful planer.

To be present, enjoy the little things and be more creative.

What a lovely giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win :)

Hi, what a great give-away, thanks for the opportunity to win you fabulous gift!
My hope for this year is to grow in art, especially the art related to my faith in Jesus.
And thanks for your insoiration, that helps me a lot in growing in art.

Greetings, Wanda (from Holland)

One of my hopes for the new year is to keep my creative goals at the top of my priorities and watch some of my dreams come true =0)

My hope this year is…. empower myself to step out of my comfort zone, create more art, and just maybe get my own site going.

Oh yes, please count me in! I had a look at it on her site and wouldn’t mind a go, but when you’ve added in all the costs of printing it out, it ended up being over-budget for me.=(

PS I’m having a great time listing all the things I’m doing to be creative each day with the CED Challenge. There are so many more than we think, no? Great idea, thanks! Update on blog on Monday…

Whoops! Realised I’d forgotten to include my hope for this year: I hope to be able to get the weight off my immune system and to begin to regain my health and strength instead of watching the opposite happen. If I can have that, I can also have everything else I want!=)

My intention for this year is to take better care of myself, which includes setting aside more ‘me’ time in which to create and makes beautiful arts and crafts :)

I’d love To get my knitting business off the ground. Designing and knitting homewares in locally produced British yarns. That’s my goal for this year.

thanks for this oppportunity Leah — I enjoy your creative daily challenge — it keeps me motivated most times lol — I am a fan of Leonie and have been following her blog for some time now — would love to win –

Would love to win this because my hope for this year is to start my own creative business. These books would be a great way to get going. Thanks!

My hope this year is for my husband to have a speed recovery from his knee surgery last month after an accident last June. Also, to continue and build from a successful 2012 and new start in building my art career here in Canada.

Wow. My goal for 2013 is to unblock my self if all the fears and being in and channel all creativity, spirituality and all the good in abundance and keep out what’s not good for me.

My hope for the new year, is to spend more time with family and to hopefully have a house by the end of the year! My husband and I travel a lot, so both of these would be such a blessing to us! And also, for my dad to recover fully from his seizure he had a couple weeks ago!


I am hoping for lots of breakthroughs in my life – physically, mentally,emotionally, spiritually and all to be expressed artfully.

my word for this new year is

release |riˈlēs|
set free, remove restrictions or obligations from, allow, make available, move to function, ceasing to put pressure on, remit, surrender, make over, the action or process of…

ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French reles (noun), relesser (verb), from Latin relaxare ‘stretch out again, slacken’ (see relax ).

My hope is to be even more creative this year than last.

Love, love, love Leonie!

One hope for 2013 is that the smallest ripple will cause the greatest transformation in my life for good…the butterfly effect! :)

My hope is that I can keep creating through all the life changes that I’m experiencing with aging parents, grandparent, and children. Finding time every day to create is getting harder!

I hope I win :)

I have been ‘thinking’ about following my dream with my photography and cards….but have not followed through. Perhaps this would give me a gentle bump to begin my dream.

yes, please! i’ve wanted to purchase these, however, physical therapy fees are taking precedence – would love to win! my hope is for full recovery from a shoulder injury so that i can continue my plans to create artwork and start an online presence with that art. thanks so much for the opportunity!

My hope for this year is to be more productive as a writer, more present as a wife and more at peace with every day.

I bought this set last week and I love them!!! Whoever wins this will be one lucky person!!!!

My hope/goal for this year is to be more active. Be more physically and creatively active.

What a great giveaway! thanks for the opportunity!

What a lovely opportunity and a kind thing to do. They look beautiful too!

My hope for this coming year is, quite simply, that I will enjoy living as me. To celebrate myself and stop the soul-destroying comparisons.

I am always looking for something to help me become better organized. Thanks.

My hope for 2013 is that I will create every day. I have been following your blog and trying, but I haven’t ingrained this habit into my life yet. But, this year, I will! Thank you for this giveaway–I’d love to win the planner!

I would love to win this. Thank you and Leonie so much for offering it! I just settled on my word for 2013, and this would be icing on the cake!

My plan for 2013 is to do something creative everyday. I want to see the creative aspects of my job as well as my hobby.

Thanks for the Give-Away

how exciting! i’m still working on my intentioning, but so far the phrase i have for this New Year for myself and others is “natural presence.” many blessings!

My hope for the new year is that it will be a peace full year.
What a loveley give away…
Liefs, Melanie

Hope that the new year is joy-full for all!

My hope is to create more. Oh, I also really hope I win this giveaway. I follow your blog via email and it is FANTASTIC!
Hugs, Kim B

Oh please Oh please -let it be me!
I so need direction & I love both you & Leonie so much!
What a great way to start the new year of creating!
Thanks so much,

I just learned about this combo pack through your website the other day and intend to get it into my hands this year. It is exactly what I need right now- as if it called me to your challenge page. Thank you for the inspiration to create every day and I look forward to more blog time with you!

My hope is to be able to help my daughter with my wonderful, beautiful Grandkids in any way they need me and that all three of them will continue to heal and to grow. My hope for myself is to keep on my path of growth in my creative life and to look forward to meeting many more creative folks along that path!

My hope for this year is to utilize this creative gift I have received to bring a smile to at least one more face. Thanks for all of your inspiration.

Oh my, choosing only one is tough isn’t it…? Well, I guess I would hope that everyone finds the inspiration they need in their lives!
Best of luck to all your entrees!

Hooray, indeed. Would love to have it. Good luck to all.

Having just quit my job…I definitely need a creative planner to explore what my ‘new’ career will be ;)

I hope to make art every day and find my own artistic voice. :)

My hope is to enjoy my creative writing more and angst about it less! Thanks, Leah.

My hope for the new year is to do something creative everyday, and to see where it takes me. It should be interesting to see what unfolds as a result…

This is great! My hope this year is to take my art to a whole new level, both in what I create and a beginning of teaching others. This would be a great help! Thanks!

Thank you for doing this giveaway. One of my hopes is to accept my creative gifts as they are and to promote my works into the world without fear.

My Hope is to have some peace of mind. To give back the support that is being given to me.. I would love to win this.

What a lovely giveaway for the start of the year. My hope for this year is to overcome the blockages to my creativity.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, girls! My Hopes for this year is to be able to continue helping my daughter and grandchildren through their healing and growing process while maturing in my own creative life.

Would LOVE to have something like this to start off 2013!! Good Luck!

Great giveaway opportunity! My hope for this year is to find more chances and ways to be creative both with my painting and other avenues in my life.

I hope each of us will be able to share the visions in our bodies, minds and hearts for the good of the world this year.

I’ve been reading your blog posts and remained quietly amazed with your inner artist.

I’m a high school teacher (not art) but use art in my classroom every day as I teach.

I’ve shared my latest attemtps at water colors and mixed media pieces with my student to show them their teachers are “real people” too.

I know thing for sure…once I’m finished raising all of the children I see every day (there are 4000 in our high school: not lying!) I MUST find a way to continue creating and sharing art…

I’ve visited Leonie’s site and find her path to happiness a journey I would like to take.

I’m reaching out with admiration, love and peace towards you and your creative soul,


This sounds fabulous – please include me in the drawing!

Happy New Year to you Leah!

Create With Joy

Happy new year, Leah, to you and your family. I would use Leonie’s workbook to help me chart my course. 2013 will be my (and hopefully everyone’s) best year yet. I want to make positive changes in my own life and make a difference in others’.

I don’t have a “hope” because that suggests I’m not in control of the outcomes. But I do have plans and ambitions. The main one for this year being for change. New house, new business direction, new love life, new start.

I hope to be more disciplined in my creative process and make things a routine in terns of spending time in my studio space versus doing other computer stuff.

Thanks for the giveaway and Happy New Year!

…To stay in good health once i get there <3 Organize my scrap & craft room is my biggest hope :)

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