Projects done in the dark of night

January 25th, 2013

Going along with the dark theme, here are some projects I've been working on in the dark of the evening and a project I want to start bringing to light!

We did a very late Christmas celebration at my house this year with my family. I'd been wanting to make wreaths for the first time this year and I'm so glad I gave it a go! The first one, I'm so excited about. It was kind of tediious, but I didn't mind it at all. It was kind of relaxing tying all those ribbon bows to fill up this wreath for our front door. I ended up using a lot more ribbon than the instructions suggested, but that may have been because I just eyed the length of the ribbon for each bow.

The second was a simple cardboard frame with paper layered on top to create a pattern. I used it to decorate our wall of holiday cards.

This was a gift made for my step-mother, who likes my Itty Bitty Kitty paintings and once owned a Himalayan cat. It's just 4"x4" on panel. I've got other Itty Bitty Kitties for sale here.

And this...was my childhood dollhouse build by my grandpa for my third birthday. It is in rough shape. I'm hoping to clean it up and have the beginnings of decoration in place for Annabelle's 2nd birthday in May.

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I LOVE the dollhouse. And I bet your stepmom was enchanted by the kitty paint ;-)

Cool picture of your wreath at night. Can’t wait to see how the doll house progresses.

Can’t wait to see your doll house transform to your own home

wonderful photo. have a doll house similar in the garage that belonged to my mother. I have the furniture too. Thing is I have a grandson. lol sweet boy

The itty bitty kitty is adorable! And how fun to redo your old dollhouse for your daughter! My son inherited an old barn the size of a dollhouse, that my husband’s father made for him when he was a kid. Great memories carried on….

Great projects! The darkness theme has certainly found its way into my work this month. Looking forward to new ideas for February :)

Your doll house brought back memories of the one my daughter had. Built by my uncle, she had many a happy hour playing with it and I had such fun decorating it. In later years, my son who is 7 years younger than his sister, dug the dollhouse out of the attic and turned it into a posh apartment for his hamster, “Einstein”….good memories!

Nice projects – love the cat a lot. The colours are very “Van Gogh” :D . E

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