She Dreamed of the Sea

January 11th, 2013

Another feature of the Dark, is a time to dream. I think I was inspired to create this dreaming piece in part because I wonder about what my little girl is dreaming about. I pictured her soft blankets, that she's become so attached to, like a landscape/dreamscape for her imagined worlds.

This piece is 6"x6" on panel. The blanket was created with collage first, then the entire piece is worked into with acrylic paint and ink.

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love your painting, looks so tranquil and restful – what I would like to imagine before sleep.

I went to the circus today and it inspired me to paint some bright figures in the spotlight contrasted by the dark backgrounds. Nice darks are a bit of challenge in watercolor – but should be fun – great theme!

This is lovely :)

Leah, this one is wonderful. My favorite of the dark pieces you’ve done. You could frame it and put it on her wall. You’ve really inspired me to stretch with this challenge. I’ve done 3 dark pieces and I’m really loving it !!!

Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Leah, I would like to go to sleep right now and see what your little girls is dreaming… it looks so peaceful and adventurous… Great!

I love this Leah, such a sweet piece!

Leah, I love this little painting and it somehow reminds me of a favorite childhood poem that my Mom would recite to us when we were sick in bed..

Your picture reminded me of the poem Wynken, Blinken and knod

I’m so happy you chose this slice of inspiration ~ it’s exactly what I got out of this month’s “Dark” theme. I’m not sure if you’ve had a chance to visit and view but it would be lovely if you did.

She looks so cute in her sea of dreams!

I love this one, Leah. The quilt is awesome… and I love how the little girl’s dream is incorporated in her little world… I remember when I dreamed like that!

It is such a beautiful, sweet and dreamy painting. Thank you for sharing

It is such a beautiful, sweet and dreamy painting. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week

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