Laundry Lines

February 12th, 2013

This piece I'm calling "Laundry Lines" is 6"x6" with acrylic and ink on panel. I started out thinking the colors were going to be SO different. It was going to be a more wintery scene, lots of blues and purples, but it went in a very different direction. I love being surprised as I create. Yellow isn't a color I use a lot, but it fits so perfectly with the light theme this month.

I hope everyone in the Northeast survived the blizzard. We got just over two feet of snow, but the craziest part was the snow drifts. They made banks up to five feet high in some spots!

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Dear Leah, it is such a beautiful painting. It is beautiful and heart warming idea, lovely composition and colors and very, very inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing.

Oh I just love this!!! Isn’t it funny how what we start always ends up to be something totally different and even more wonderful? That’s why I love art.…love this. It speaks to me in so many ways. And the colors are a perfectly delightful..happy surprise!!!

This painting is exquisite and adorable love the composition, colors and lines!

Carol of: (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ on blogger

Love the painting. Glad you survived the snow.

This is gorgeous. I love the colours – they draw me right in. Feels like both a magical imaginary land and my backyard.

love your painting…and you need the yellow (sunshine) to dry your laundry!! =)

Love this! I adore your use of color here ~ I’m not usually a fan of red and purple together but your creative use of it in combination with the more vibrant yellow really defused their power and formed such a lovely scene!

Beautiful! Simply beautiful! I am also working on a painting that is going in unexpected directions, hehe. It’s fun to let it happen. :D

This is lovely – I really enjoy the repeating pattern on trees reflected on her dress. . .

Fabulous painting. You can sense how full the woman’s heart is; her joy in simple things.

I LOVE the colors! Gorgeous.

Your art is always a treat, very lovely and what an adventure you’ve all been through with that storm, sounds pretty amazing and must have been quite fun and wonderful too, cosy and warm inside looking out!

Gorgeous and uplifting – your muse was obviously trying to warm you after all the snow :-)
Kat Xx

I love this painting, and it is great looking through your items to get inspiration for my pages.

Love how this turned out. I know what you mean by being surprised- I am always surprised with how my work turns out. Patsy from HeARTworks

Leah, i love this. LOVE that little girl there with her mom… and the colors! Just fabulous. Excellent composition too. Love it all. xox

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