Let her Sleep

March 8th, 2013

I saw this Napoleon quote in a variety of places in the last year, on wall decals and a variety of etsy art, including an embroidered piece, sign, and a print. Even though Annabelle has never been one I've had to "let sleep" (she is a super duper early riser and not the best sleeper. Oy!), the quote still made me think of her, my little fire ball, who I think will move mountains for sure.

I wanted to do my own version of the piece and since the theme is black and white this month, I opted to do it in ink. It makes me happy. I think I'd like to do it bigger with paint and grays and purples. We shall see. Time is limited these days! 

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That’s a really nice quote and drawing. What I just entered wasn’t in b&w because I forgot that was the theme. But I will work on one before the end of March :)

Oh I’ve never seen this quote but I adore it!

Leah, this quote is a wonderful reminder of raising babies. I remember telling myself this every time one of my little ones was napping a little longer than usual. My two boys and my sweet girl were not sound sleepers. they were full of energy and imagination. It is one of the best memories that I have of them. Enjoy!

Leah, you said you’ve seen this quote in a variety of places but I’ve never come across it before! Love it! I think I’d like to do my own version. Thanks for sharing it. Patsy from HeARTworks

I’ve loved this quote for ages, Leah! I love the script and the mountains you drew! It’s a beautiful sentiment that I intend to turn into an artwork for my daughter, but I just haven’t worked out what I will paint yet : )

This is kind of funny, but I made a drawing of this quote too–without even noticing that you had done one as well! I used it as my link for this week :)

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