Color and Commissions

April 7th, 2013

I am enjoying this color theme so far, how about you? I've been playing with color in paint, in nail polish (purple toes), in colorful salads, and some turquoise clothing. 

I thought I'd share a couple commissions that I've been working on this month. One is a commission that isn't quite done yet. I had to stop because I wasn't sure whether I wanted the dresses to be white as originally planned or pink with a white stripe and ties (I'm still thinking it over.) I still have to paint the moon and stars in and a few other small details, but I love how it's coming along. It took a long time for this image to develop. I was playing with the arrangement for months and the final idea came to me while I was in the shower! I was using the steamed up glass shower door as a sketchpad and the idea formed. My favorite part is that there is a subte heart shape between the mother and daughter figures. (It's 8"x10" with acrylic on canvas)

This one was a commission for someone who recently experienced a loss and wanted an image with a dragonfly in it. I love when this happens, the image came to mind as she was talking and it came together very quickly. (It's 6"x6" with collage, acrylic, and ink on panel.) 

In a way they are (unintentionally) similar pieces! I seem to be liking these trees curving towards the moon and of course, the moon and trees are always big in pieces of my art. But the pinks are a bit different for me! I think it's Annabelle's influence. :-)  

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I just sat here studying your two pieces and I love them both. I like the pink influence from your little sweetie! Amazing how our children can “shape” us as we are shaping them! I’m working on a colorful piece influenced by both Creative Every Day themes and Illustration Friday theme this time. I am hoping to finish it today and post it later…..=)

Those are beautiful, I really like the dragonfly and I’m sure the person who wanted it will too.

Leah, After thinking about this month’s theme for a while, I realized that just about every piece I have done has color involved. I love color and the way that color has transformed your work in these two pieces. Your composition is, as always, done well. The addition of color seems to have brought these to a new and exciting level.
Janet xoxo

I love that you are wearing purple toes. Me too. It is my breakout from the traditional colors.
I think you have choosen great colors here.

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