Day 18: Hide and Seek

November 19th, 2013

Did this earlier, but didn't get to post until late because I went out for dinner with some friends. Good to get out! I painted with acrylics on watercolor paper. Today was one of those days where I didn't think I could fit anything in, but I did!


Annabelle had some fun coloring and tracing around stickers in her own sketchbook today while I painted. Her dad thought having her own sketchbook might be a good idea and it was! It's sweet having a place for her to fill up pages with her drawings. 

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How sweet Annabelle working in her own art journal.
Thank you for creating this challenge here on your blog. I am trying to be creative more often. You are a great inspiration of showing how committed you are.

What a wonderful idea for Annabelle! Something to treasure in years to come! Love your painting Leah……memories……..ahhhhhh

Love the blending and scumbling in those treetops! It’s been so sweet to watch Annabelle learning and playing with art.

This is so beautiful and dreamy! I like the idea of a sketchbook for little ones, you’ve given me a good idea, I’m sure my Lulu would love one too! Annabelle looks so content enjoying her sketch book activity time.

great idea Dad, you rock. I thing Annabelle is going to be filling up so many books, you will need an extra room to hold them all!!! She is so precious and I appreciate that you share her with us…bless your family!!

I grabbed a few hours in a cafe yesterday to draw mandalas.

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