Day 10, Subway Stories: Eliot

November 10th, 2013

Today, I finished this painting, Subway Stories: Eliot. I had done the collage background previously, but it had been in a pile of "to finish someday" for a long time. I'm so glad I finished it up! It's the lastest in a series of Subway Stories pieces I've done. You can see more here. The background is collaged with subway maps, train schedules and phone book numbers. Within the figures, I've written what each person is thinking about. The series was inspired by riding the subway (called the T here in Boston) and wondering about the stories of all the people riding with me and in the trains that passed me. 

Annabelle is sick today, she's caught my cold, so no pictures of her today, but she did manage to paint in her little book for a bit while I worked on my art.

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I always love seeing the designs of maps, phone book pages, and book pages as backgrounds for art. This is FUN. Love it.

Sorry to read about Annabelle. I hope she is better soon. We miss her smiling face.

Another great piece, so very creative! I hope Annabelle gets better soon!

I love this piece! It’s really clever and really well executed. The colours and the script – I love all of it!

feel better soon, sweet Annabelle. My mom would always bring me a special little treat/toy when I was sick!! :)
love the idea of stories on the subway, very clever!!

~~~get well soon vibes for Annabelle~~~

I absolutely love your subway stories series!!
I live in Wakefield and definitely recognize some of the people I’ve seen in transit! Your collage method is wonderful. So talented!

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