Day 11, Rainy Day Thoughts

November 11th, 2013

Today's painting was a burst of inspiration, based on a sketch in my sketchbook. I put it together with acrylic paint and ink on a 5"x5" panel. Rainy days make me contemplative! 

Annabelle is still recovering, but she was better today. She loved playing with her magic ink pens!

5 Responses

Annabelle looks almost as contemplative as the lady in your drawing. Lovely pictures on both counts.

Your painting is beautiful! I love her body language and expression! Thank you so much for hosting AEDM!

good to see Annabelle doing better. love the contemplation, rainy days….I would like to see them here now!!!

Great to see little Annabelle again! I love your contemplative piece!

I would love to buy this piece!!! divine!


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