Day 16: Say Something

November 16th, 2013

Last night I was listening to the song "Say Something" and this image popped into my head. I sketched it onto a post-it note on my nightstand, so I wouldn't forget it and then painted it out on watercolor paper this morning. 

I haven't had time to create with Annabelle yet today and she has little friends over now, but I'm sure she'll get up to something creative today. 

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I love this! The speed of my computer let the image emerge from blur into sharp. It was beautiful to watch.

LOVE<LOVE<LOVE this painting…….
5 winter trees, 4 siblings plus myself, my mix of family = 5
my favorite color…

There is always so much movement in your pieces and I love this one

I love how the trees grow from/ shape the train of her gown!
Toddlers do indeed get creative every day! :-) especially with language–new word combinations, descriptions etc.

Oh my, so lovely, so beautiful. She is a part of nature. :)

So beautiful!

Leah this is such a special piece, wow I love this one! All your paintings are beautiful and so poetic, this talks of walking into Winter, it feels still and silent, so peaceful and cold, truly striking!

Your women are strong, forthright, and fearlessly moving into whatever comes their way. Great models.

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