Day 17: Hot Air Balloons

November 17th, 2013

Today, I drew an image with oil pastels, just to mix it up. Doodling around before drawing, I came up with the image of a woman releasing miniature hot air balloons. 

Today, we got Annabelle her own sketchbook, along with some twistable crayons to color with. She had a blast coloring with them. She's saying, "Ta da!" in the picture. 

3 Responses

Your drawing is magical! I love using pastels. i’ll have to wait until after Christmas, but I am certain I will end up with one of your gorgeous prints in my home!

Annabelle is just too sweet!!! Bet she’ll grow up to be an artist like mommy.

Your painting would / could be somewhat of a mantra…… let go of negativity

Wonderful, it feels like wishes going up to the sky. Wish I could paint like you! (enjoy the posts and Annabelle’s discoveries)

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