Day 19: Worst Hiders Club

November 19th, 2013

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you've probably seen my "Worst Hiders Club" pictures of Annabelle and her friends hiding terribly. It's really funny. She will hide behind a small couch pillow, with a box on her head, only halfway behind a tree, etc... Today, I took the idea to paint. When I showed it to Annabelle and explained the inspiration, she said, "Oh, what pretty shoes!" haha. 

Annabelle had art class today and it was tree day! She spent half the class dancing in circles with her friends, but she did enjoy painting and stamping and having a messy, good time. 

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So sweet! I miss those days when my boys would hide in plain sight! Great piece. LOVE how you’ve been involving Annabelle in your art all month – you are a great mom!

This is FUNNY. How clever that you would paint her escapades. Cute photo of her painting, too. She sure has a lot of wonderful activities.

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