Day 26: Catch a Shooting Star

November 26th, 2013

Just a little one today, as we prep for holiday travel. Work in these last few days may be on the smaller side because I'll be out of town, but I'll be doing something! I'm amazed at how quickly this month is coming to a close! This piece is watercolor pencil, acrylic and ink on paper. 

Annabelle had a great time in art class today. We made little handprint turkeys, but I forgot ours in class. Oops! She didn't think they looked like turkeys anyway. She told me, "Mama, this looks like a hand." Haha. 

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truly beautiful, your work has such a sweetness about it that I just wish I could emulate!!! art class, that’s cool Annabelle….looks like a hand, no one is going to fool her!!

Hand-turkeys were one of my faves! Has Annabelle tried the crayon shavings in wax paper stained glass windows yet? Those were awesome.:-)

You have a way with the beauty of simplicity. Beautiful!

Like Moongirl said, I adore the simplicity of this one. I love the interaction of the girl and the bunny she is checking out. I am also quite envious of her long legs!! *wink*

Annabelle is such an artful charmer. I feel like we are her proud aunties, watching her achievements and crooning at her creative victories and adorable sayings.

Such a privilege to watch!

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