Day 30 – Snow Bird

November 30th, 2013

30 days have come and gone. Amazing! Although I wish I could have gotten around to see everyone else's work more and this month was crazy busy (and crazy messy), I think this was my favorite Art Every Day Month yet. I'm excited about a lot of the work I made and even better, I was able to share the experience this month with Annabelle. It was so unexpected and lovely to create alongside her, to talk about art, and to see her love of creating grow. 

Here's Annabelle in one of the artsy activities she got up to today, now that we're back having a quiet day at home. This was moments before the cup of water tipped, water went everywhere and she was crying about wet pants. Haha. Real life. But after the dramatic clean up, she got back to it, this time choosing to draw with pencils. Much drier. :-)

Thank you all for joining me on this month of creating, whether you created one day, 10 days, 25, or all 30, I hope you enjoyed the added creativity in your life! Congratulations on all you've accomplished!!

We'll carry on with weekly check-ins (Mondays) for the Creative Every Day Challenge here, so feel free to continue on in that way if you're so inspired and definitely join me again next November for another Art Every Day Month! 

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Dear Leah,
Thank you so much for hosting AEDM again this year. It really spurs me on to think creatively and to put my ideas into action! Your painting, “Snow Bird” is very beautiful and evocative. Annabelle is a real cutie and reminds me of my own daughter sitting at the kitchen table painting, almost 30 years ago. Enjoy every moment of her childhood – I know you do.
Thank you again for this wonderful community experience!
Happy Holidays!!
Judy Hartman

I am so grateful that I found your site and made it through the November challenge! I have signed up for more to keep myself on track. Love it! Thank you!!

Glad I stumbled on your site. Thanks for holding this. Your paintings are beautiful and have a unique style. It’s so cute how you always included your daughter creating with you.

I think I shall have AEDM withdrawal pains. Good thing the holidays bearing down on us will keep me running. Thanks again too you and little Annabelle for urging us on each day. You are both a special part of my days….xoxo Mar

Leah – this work is gorgeous! The purples and reds really create a mood and I have to tell you that her in a sleeveless dress in the snow made me shiver! Love the Anabelle story! Yes, real life. It is wonderful that she loves creating with you. I think AvaBelle (gdaughter) is going to be our artist too! Gson is playing horn – I think music will be his art, for at least 5 minutes! Thanks, as always, for hosting this amazing amalgam of creative spirits. I don’t think my year would ever be complete without it!

Just gorgeous Leah, I’ve loved checking out all your art pieces and little Annabelle, such a sweetie!

Thank you again, for your art and for your generosity in developing and moderating this site and for the help you gave me in figuring out how to post. My grandchildren love to do art when they visit. I’ve changed their toy closet to an art closet. Need to get some pictures next time.

Leah – It has been a treat to watch you create with your sweet daughter this month – Your art is meaningful and beautiful and today’s piece is no exception. Thanks again for hosting AEDM!

I really got so much out this Art Every Day Month and I’m so grateful for your taking the time to continue to do this. Especially with how clearly busy you’ve got to be, taking care of Annabelle and everything else. It’s such a pleasure to see all your photos – of your artwork (which is just amazing) and of adorable Annabelle!

Thanks for hosting AEDM in November. That was my first time…i really enjoyed it.

This has been my most beloved Art Every Day Month yet as well. I feel like I really got to know people and connected plus I was brave enough to start new things!

It was so weird, though, even though I created on the last two days, I didn’t post anything of substance. I think I was in denial that it was over!

I have this gut feeling 2014 is going to be a tremendous year! Ohhhh, and I love love love CELEBRATE!

Thanks for hosting as always and lovely to see your updates and how things are going with Annabelle. I’m a new mom and always wondering how I can get create with my baby :)

Dear Leah,
I have been following the Creative Every Day challenge since 2 years, on a very loose basis. But it was the first time i joined Art Every Day month. I could do 21 days but it was a lovely experience. Thank you for hosting these on your website.It is wonderful to see all the artwork produced.

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