Day 4: Hope

November 4th, 2013

This was another image that has been in my head for a bit, but I wasn't sure exactly how it was going to come together until I started. Most things I do are this way. I start with an inkling and follow the process where it leads. This image was also inspired by a quote from an unknown author:

When the World says, 'Give up,' Hope says, 'Try it one more time.' 

I created this piece with acrylic and ink and watercolor paper. 

Annabelle asked to play with a green telescope today (random, I know!) Since we don't have one of those, I suggested we make one! She was SO excited about this idea. Before her nap, we painted a paper towel tube I had in the recycling bin with green paint. I told her it would be dry after her nap and then we could decorate it with stars. First things she said when she woke up was, "My telescope is dry now! Let's put stars on it!" While she was sleeping I found some star stickers in my stash of stuff, like the kind your elementary school teacher might have put on your school work. We put a handful on the telescope to decorate it. The telescope was used to find treasure, look at things around the room, and then it became a tube slide for figurines to fly down. :)

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I love love love this painting. So inspiring and I am so thrilled and thankful to be a part of AEDM! I also love that you add a pic to your post of your little girl and what you have been creating together – a star telescope – so fun!

Leah, your painting is absolutely magical…really something special. And oh, that adorable telescope! Magic was everywhere at your house today! xo, janice

You bring such a smile to my face, actually it is both of you who bring a big smile to my face. I also love how hope blows in and through the space on the painting. I can feel it, too. THANK YOU!

That painting is superb. I was in awe of the background because I can never make my backgrounds look that good.

Annabelle is really taking this challenge to heart, isn’t she? What a great way to get her interested in art and learning. Right now I believe she is wise beyond her years (all 2 1/2 of them)!

This is beautiful!

Your painting is amazing! And I so love what you do creatively with you daughter. Thanks for sharing.

Your painting is beautiful! I love seeing Annabelle create too. :)

Leah, I love this painting and the words for it so much. Each day your art is making me smile and loving the purple/blue theme too.

Oh how sweet this picture is of Annabelle, love that she is enjoying herself. Be proud of yourself for letting her get messy and create with you. This is hard for some parents but you are doing so well with her. We have made those telescopes before, will keep this idea for the little ones I babysit for though, they will love it.
Have a happy and creating day!

This is such a dreamlike image, made even better by seeing the words that inspired it. I can see who Annabelle takes after with her creativity and imagination!

It’s great to come upon your beautiful paintings each day and see little Annabelle having such fun!

thanks for the place to join in on art every day!
and what a nice day to start – hope – I love the magical sky!!

(I couldn’t get the thumbnail to work tho to share :(

Your paintings are fascinating, and I love seeing all the different ways that people are being creative. You were almost going to get a photo of me making a grilled cheese sandwich, but I rallied and scanned the postcards.

I love that painting, especially the lovely background. Oh so sweet that you two made a telescope. Thanks for sharing your sweet girl with us.

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