Day 5, Dropping Stars

November 5th, 2013

Today, I decided to do an intuitive piece. I started with wet watercolor paper and fluid acrylics, painting in bits here and there. Then I let it sit and waited to see what I would see. I saw a beautiful silver/white dress. I started pulling that out and this is what came out: Dropping Stars. 

When Annabelle heard her friend Ella was sick she said, "Maybe a make a heart to make Ella feel better?" So I cut out the shape and she made an intense drawing on it. Lots of love there! :)  

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I love your art. This one is one of my favorites.

This is amazing, Leah! So so gorgeous! And funny how we’ve both been using stars in our works. I just love your paintings so much, though. And Annabelle is already making impressive art, herself! How sweet of her to want to make her sick friend a heart.

Gorgeous! flowing and romantic and charming. The heart is adorable!

I’ve seen a few intuitive paintings and none of them came out as well as yours. This is beautiful and I love the fluid-y background. It moves with the dress, I think.

I really dug Annabelle’s heart. That is one super abstract bit of fun and uplifting art that would make anyone feel better.

Beautiful painting! And Annabelle’s intense heart is adorable!

Really beautiful! Like Mother like daughter … such talent and so sweet!

Annabelle is so sweet and so beautiful! And creative like her mommy.

I love the dress and the dropping stars! Beautiful!

Wow!!!! That’s so beautiful! I love it!

total Yum fest. Dropping Stars – drops my heart – the painting and the name.

And your cutie is CA-UTE!! I send you kudos for being an involved and attentive mother to her. Not all of us can be that kind of mother. It takes a lot, so I wanna Recognize!! I wish my mother was as attentive to me when I was young and impressionable. You two are lucky to have each other. enjoy her. :)

~sending you magick and my thanks for the platform you share so I can share!~

After I am thoroughly frustrated trying to post, wading through my own problems on my computer, your art is a soothing balm. I think today I may have posted twice.

i love your art . it is beautiful it inspires my own artist within. i also love doing art with my kids, i also homeschool them this gives them the perfect moments to create. ilove to watch them create. you are a wonderful artist.

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