Day 6, Traveling Muses in the Forest

November 6th, 2013

Another intuitive piece today. I started painting freely, let the piece sit and then pulled out what I saw. Today, what I saw were a trio of familiar figures, the Traveling Muses, who I've painted before (you can see the original painting here.) How funny to have them return! 

And here's Annabelle working on painting her fairy wand purple. We planned to decorate more with glitter and ribbons after her nap, but she's taking a super long nap (and anyone who knows Annabelle, knows how rare that is!), so I think we'll finish it up tomorrow. 

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Beautiful piece, Leah! Love the circle of birds drawing attention to the central group.

Oh wow I love your painting and Annabelle’s wand is going to look so pretty.

Lovely lovely! I’m eager to see Annabelle’s wand when it’s finished. :)

I love the traveling muses, what an honor to have them visit. I like naps too, but don’t seem to be taking them lately, guess I don’t need them so much as I think. Does taking a long nap mean Annabelle won’t go to bed at the usual time? :)

I love the texture and feel of your work, and annabel is such a cutie

I thought I left a comment earlier, then I remembered I had food cooking that had to be attended to.

Your traveling muses are back. What fun to see them pop up again.

When I first saw Annabelle’s star, I thought it was a cookie on a stick. She looks SO intense there. What a joy she must be and a great artistic partner, too.

Beautiful beautiful! You are so inspiring!

I love the idea of intuitive painting. This is a really beautiful piece.

Wow! I love this. Your work is really inspiring and beautiful!

Dear Leah your art is such a treat for us all, it has such soul, I simply love all your pieces!

This painting is my favorite so far. Really, really stunning!!!


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