Day 7, Flight

November 7th, 2013

Tried to keep it simple and a little smaller today as I'm not feeling fantastic (just a cold). This was inspired by an Instagram picture I took last month, when a large group of birds zoomed through my yard. The picture was a daytime one, but I made the painting at night. 

Earlier in the day, I did a little raking and Annabelle had a blast jumping in the "Annabelle leaf pile" and "helping" me rake. It was cute. She was having so much fun with the leaves that we took a few in and I showed her how to do leaf rubbings. This picture is of her concentrating really hard, trying to trace a leaf. 

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Love this painting. Annabelle Makes me smile… and wish longingly for a little girl around my house!

Sometimes simple is the best. I love this leah, so much atmosphere! And little annabel is adorable as usual

oh what fun Annabelle is having in her pile of leaves, what a great picture…lovely smile!!

‘flight’ reminds me of angels …..??

oh, for some reason, the linky thing has the right thumbnail but it goes to the wrong picture on Flickr….not sure about why that happens.

What a cutie patootie! My daughter, who is 12, was lamenting about wet leaves. She wanted to rake up a pile to jump in. :) One is never too old for leaf pile fun. Beautiful painting!

When I saw the birds, I also saw angels morphing on the page. Really lovely painting and I think the word “zoomed” was the proper visual imagery for me (grin).

That top photo of Annabelle looks like it was taken by a professional photographer.

No wonder she’s so happy. She’s surrounded by beauty and is one herself.

I love that you took a picture and made it a painting – something I know many do but I haven’t thought of. But, you took it and changed it to the time you were creating it – nighttime. Love the full moon!

What a great painting! and you are such a good Mom. I still do projects with my kids but now it’s usually cooking. :P My kids are college age!

Love the mood of this painting! And I adore how creative Annabelle is!


Your painting is great Leah, I love the angle you did and the mysterious quality. Thanks so much for sharing sweet Annabelle with us, what a delight she is!

~~feel better soon vibes~~
Wonderful pictures, both of them. One so cheerful and out going and the other one so serious and concentrated.

Your daughter is so beautiful, Leah.
I absolutely love this painting. The sight of birds swooping up always inspires me. Beautiful composition!

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