Creative Every Day Challenge 2014!

December 10th, 2013

The New Year is fast approaching and with it a new opportunity to commit to a year of creativity with the year long Creative Every Day Challenge! As always, my challenges are low pressure and inclusive of all forms of creativity from painting to cooking,  crafting, photography, art journaling, jewelry making, knitting, fashion, dance, and games with your children. Really, anything goes. Creativity begets creativity. You can find it everywhere when you start looking, so let's make this year a great one filled with wonderfully creative moments. 

You can sign up here and read more about the challenge here

I'm also looking for more monthly theme ideas! Please give me some ideas in the comments. If I use your idea, I will give you credit and link to your blog if you have one! The themes are always optional, but a fun way to frame the month when you need a little extra inspiration. 

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I really want to commit and share about it more next year. I can do it !
Thanks for the push Leah.

*happy* Thank you!
That image really caught my eye and my heart when I first saw it on your blog. Glad to see it become next year´s image. :)

Hi Leah
After November I want to join for the challenge of 2014 as well. But this time I want it to be more about what makes me tick (for me that is): crochet. I already proposed a Dutch challenge for crocheters, and then thought about themes and decided on colors. I also have a few suggestions for themes: gratitude, extraoridnary, sparkles, memories, shades, earth. I don’t know if they appeal to you, but I’m grateful for the push to be creative and blog about it. Thank you!

Why not use countries and areas as design inspirations? Also, the months of the year and/or seasons? I’m using several of these in the challenge I’m running from my blog. We’ll be doing Japan in Feb, the spring in April, autumn/fall in Sept and Greece later on, Nov I think.

Love your new button for 2014! How about words of wisdom – what words will guide you through the month. using quotes that have meaning to each of us and what artwork they inspire.

I think that “Connecting Threads” would be a nice theme. Whether used literally with yarn and thread, painterly with lines, physically with connecting people & friends, or spiritually as a connecting of minds and souls.

Hi Leah! I’m looking forward to Creative Every Day in 2014! I participated in AEDM for the first time in November but got seriously sidetracked about halfway through. However, your emails were such an inspiration even when I didn’t have time to create and I always looked forward to what Annabelle was up to. :-)
Happy holidays and I can’t wait for the 2014 themes!

Hi Leah,
I thought of “Celestial” for a theme. I’m not sure if you have used it at all. It’s nice that you asked us.
Love using your themes. Thank you!

Here we are again at the cusp of a new year. This is exciting, as always. I love visiting the blogs and sites to see what people are doing.

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