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July 29th, 2014

5 Interview Qs from Leah for Tangerine Meg

Thanks for having me Leah! I'm delighted to be hosting you and your answers over at my blog today too.

What is it about cats that you love most?

I love so much about cats - the happy vibration when they purr, their warm spiral sleeping poses and the way they push their noses against everything! My favourite is when, with self-placement on backgrounds, they awaken me to new vibrant colour schemes; this compels me to make artwork to record the wonder, be it painting, lino print or phone photo! I have 2 Orange Cats and I love when they plonk themselves down on blue (stripey) chairs or on the woolen blanket knitted by my husband's grandmother, like in this lino print!

Have you always loved bright, bold color?

I already loved delicious bright colour as a child. Being trained by my mentor Ruth Tuck and her teachers I came to comprehend more of the power and nuance of colour. Now, seeing great colour (and patterns) still transports me to that inner child place of heart nourishment, lighting me up heart and mind!

 What do you do when you feel stuck creatively?

Sometimes, a break is required to refill my well – in which case, take a break (see question 5). If tackling the art is my strategy, the first thing is to Show Up. Once I'm there at the table - aware that today maybe I'm not 'in the flow' - I change track and take steps on a different aspect of my artwork. Most pieces don't spring to life fully formed, they take stages and days and sessions of work - so there's plenty to be done! For example, if I have some lino prints printed and ready to paint, colour scheme already decided, I can continue painting those. Or I might be able to make some progress on an already begun painting (depending on where it's at). Another lovely, differently physical task is to make progress with some lino carving.

 How does yoga impact your artwork?

Yoga impacts my artwork in intangible as well as visible ways. It helps me feel general appreciation, grounded and uplifted, and alignment between life and body - and keeps my back free of pain! In this lino print, “Thriving”, the abundant woman's hands are posed similar to a yoga receiving/gratitude hand position.

How do you care for your creative self?

If I care for my physical self, heart and soul, then my creative self blooms too.

Ideally each day:

·      get lots of lovely rest,

·      eat foods that suit my body,

·      keep active (walk or jog each day; aerial yoga and HitBall each week),

·      remember to stay a bit weird (be myself), and

·      consciously focus on the positive.

I find it nurturing to fill both my heart and my creative cup by

·      going for walks and enjoying the gardens, at this time of year (in the Southern Hemisphere) this may include looking closely at autumn leaves, noticing birds nests in winter branches, or getting geekily joyful seeing the texture of a rusting mailbox,

·      visiting an op shop (thrift shop), feeling a variety of different fabrics and seeing the patterns, or

·      going to a art exhibition, artisan market or Fringe festival show.

I'm a late bloomer in calling myself an Artist or creative and have come to understand that life and creativity are intertwined! What a delicious, curious journey!


Hi! I’m Tangerine Meg: quirky artist, upside down yogini, wild gardener and more.

My Bold Art invites your Bold Soul to savour the vibrancy and pure delight of every day moments – and to share the joy with your family and friends. Let’s play!

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WOW! Fantastic work! Love those bold colors and sure lines! patsy

ooooooooooooo! two of my favorite artists in the same place (yes – I have art from both!)….special Tuesady treat! Thanks Leah and Margie!

Wow what beautiful vibrant joyful art – fabulous to discover you Tangerine Meg! Thanks Leah for introducing me to this talented creative lady. I shall be off next to learn more about Tangerine Meg & her happy-making art!

Kat Xx

Hi lovely creatives, so delightful to meet you (or in the case of Tammy see you again) :)
Patsy: Thank you!
Tammy: Yey! Tuesday art treat day – happy dancing shall ensue!
Kat: Thanks for coming by my blog, too!
Love Meg x o

I love the colorful art from Tangerine Meg! Thank you for showcasing Leah’s art.

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