Preparing for Art Every Day Month and the Survival Guide

October 23rd, 2015

Art Every Day Month is right around the corner, starting on November first, and running for 30 wonderful days of creating. I want to remind you that this is a low-key challenge, so if you start and fall flat, you can pick yourself up and get back to it. Or if you find the challenge late, no worries, start where you are. Sign up post is here

I also want to remind you that I define art in the broadest sense. Your daily art might be a painting, or the beginning of one, or it might be a photo, a song, knitting, cooking, chalk drawings with your children, sculpture, poems on napkins, art journaling, crafting, dancing, etc...

People have written to me asking how they'll share their work and how they'll see the work of others. The easiest way is to come here ( every day and look at the daily check-in post. There, people will be sharing a link (to their blog, website, flickr image, etc) to what they've worked on that day. Or if they don't have a place like this to share, they can talk about what they're up to in the comments. 

If you've joined in and are worried that you need some extra support, motivation or a daily prompt, then you can sign up for the Survival Guide, a private daily blog with prompts, encouragement, inspiration and a weekly audio exercise. 

And here's are some tips about getting ready for the month: Everyone will approach this differently. Some people like to have a project in mind they'll work on all month (like a large piece), or a specific act of creativity they'll do each day (1 photo each day), while others will do whatever they're inspired to do each day. I tend to go with the flow, but I also like to do some sketching sessions in advance, so on days when I'm feeling less than inspired, I already have some ideas ready that I'd like to explore further. And when those ideas aren't calling to me, I just begin and let my intuition be my guide. Some days the work is wonderful, some days it is not, it is all ok. What I have found is that the process of working every single day, is powerful and interesting things always come up. It's fun. And even more fun doing it with a group of people. So get excited, folks, this is going to be fun! 

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