Day 6 and 7

November 7th, 2015

I completely forgot to post my art here yesterday, so here's day 6 and 7. Day 6 is a small acrylic piece in memory of a special boy named Max who touched many hearts in his short time here. 

And Day 7 is "Queen of Roses" which was inspired by all the beautiful dresses I saw in the Project Runway finale. I love that show! 

It's been a tough week here as I've been fighting a nasty cold and feeling rundown, but I'm glad I powered through and made my art. It was a bright spot in the week. 

5 Responses

Those are beautiful. Hope you feel better soon.

Beautiful work! Though I have been participating in the challenge, this is my first day posting here. Glad you found a bright spot with your art.

Both pieces are magical. I am glad you pulled through and art proved to be a big part of it. Hope you are feeling better.

My heart reaches out to Max and his family. It is especially precious that you created in his honor. Means a lot, Leah.

And the dress – delightful. Love the rhythm.

I love your art! Just caught up on the Project Runway finale today and cried real tears when Ashley won. May we all make the world more beautiful.

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