2016 Creative Every Day Challenge Sign Up

December 1st, 2015

Welcome to the 2016 Creative Every Day Challenge's participant and sign-up post. If you're new to the challenge, please read more about the challenge and how to get involved on the information page, here.

How to sign up:

If you have a blog or Flickr page or other place online where you share your work: Use the sign-up below (just once!) to make your commitment to the Creative Every Day Challenge. You'll put your name or blog name in the "Your name" box and the url of your blog or Flickr page in the "Your url" box. (For example: If I were signing up, I'd put "Creative Every Day" in the "Your name" box and "http://www.CreativeEveryDay.com" in the "Your url" box, then I'd click the "Enter" button. 

Please do not put a store or etsy shop in the url box. For this challenge I only want to link to places where participants are going to be sharing the work they create during the year. I will be checking the list regularly and will remove any duplicate links or links that do not go to pages where you're sharing your latest creations.

If you do not have a blog, Flickr page, or other place online to share your work that's ok! You can still join in! Simply leave a comment on this post stating your commitment to the challenge. That's it! 

If you're on Facebook, I've created a Facebook group for this challenge there too. Feel free to share your work there as well! 

Once you've signed up, be sure to grab a badge to put on your blog (there's more info about how to post it on your blog here) and read about the different ways to participate here. You can subscribe to my blog in the right hand sidebar to receive the weekly check in posts and monthly optional themes as a reminder to come here and check in. Thanks for joining in!

79 Responses

Excited to join Creative Every Day!

I’ll try my very best to be creative every day! And.. Still love myself when I miss a day…

Yes! This is a low pressure challenge, so have fun with it and no guilt! :-)

My first try to do this. I am certain I won’t be posting every day on the blog, but I will tri to create a little something every day. Thanks for the challenge.

I look forward to making some art!! Thanks for doing what you do!

This is my first time participating in this challenge. I try to be creative everyday. Sounds fun, very happy to have found you.

Excited to be doing this in 2016

I will have to join this awesome project!!

Looking forward to this! Will share on FB group page :)

I like how low pressure this is! If I had to paint every day, it would not work for me, but being creative every day is totally possible!! Thanks for this! xoxo

I didn’t do very well during art every day month in November, but I’m going to give this a try. Thanks!

I’d like to join the challenge for 2016 to help give me the impetus to create every day in some way, shape or form.Thanks for the opportunity!!

I haven’t participated in this challenge before but I want to give it a try. Can’t wait to start!

Looking forward to this challenge!

i just found this and am now ecxited to join in! Brilliant idea <3

Yes I want to take this challenge. I need this I have a large mixed media sketch book to get me started

Looking forward to this challenge, and looking forward to infusing my life with more creative activities and adventures in 2016. Also curious to see what others are creating everyday.

I am looking forward to join the 2016 challenge.

I can’t wait to start! I’m ready to be creative everyday!

This is wonderful…just what I was looking for!!!!

So excited that my friend shared this with me. Just what I was searching for for 2016!

Excited to start a new 2016!

I am so excited to get started! This sounds like fun!

I’m excited to start this in 2016!

I’m looking forward to doing this with my daughter and husband together!

Very excited to join in!

This is exactly what I need for the new year. LOVE your site!

Excited to try this for 2016. In 2015 I created an ATC every day and posted to a fb group. Going to try this for 2016. Should be an incentive to blog more! :)

I so need this to start my new year and really push through on my passion for art

Very excited to do this! Would like to post to the Face Book page as I do not have a blog:)

So looking forward to this!

I’m looking forward to joining in and finding/exploring/playing with my creativity more. Thank you

Looking forward to a whole year of creativity – art, photography and crochet – thanks for the challenge!

Let’s DO this!

Let’s do this! Hallelujah.

This will be a challenge but a challenge I need. I let too many things take me away from my creative pursuits in 2015. Time to readjust the priorities.

Ready for 2016! Drawing, painting, skating, and singing. Glad to be back to Creative Every Day. Thank you, Leah, for the community.

I’m in. I know I love to draw something every day, and it feels great, but then I get to feel guilty about enjoying it too much and neglecting things I feel I *should* be doing. So am signing up to counteract this. Can anyone else relate?

Thank you for the encouragement Leah. Just the inspiration I was looking for.

Committed to starting a creative lifestyle

I’d love to join the challenge. I’m particularly interested in January’s theme. Thanks!

a very inspiring way to start my year… I will commit myself into this creative challenge..

a very inspiring way to start my year. I will commit myself in this creative challenge..

Hey, this is really cool!
When will you post the 2016 themes list? I´m very excited to start!

Looking forward to another Creative Every Day year ahead!

Please add me to both courses. I do not have a URL.

Thanks so much!

Karen Bozman

Excited to start this!

Very excited to start!! Thinking, that each month I’ll do one video related to the 2016 theme and the use challenge as a whole as added motivation to make videos weekly! (plus extras on my second channel!)

Thanks so much for hosting. I love your art and I love the inspiration here and the chance to appreciate, support and encourage one another.

I signed up it seems in two places ~ but not sure which and can’t find the first place I signed up ~ at any rate will put your link on my blog ~ Happy Creating ~ xox ~ Happy New Year ~ ^_^

I just found this 2016 challenge! I am excited to participate! One of my goals this year is to dance EVERY day – I was a professional ballet dancer for many years but seem to have lost the joy that I had with it… my heart is calling for a return! Maybe not ballet but I WILL dance! I also dabble in other creative methods. Looking forward to seeing what the year brings to all of us!

What a brilliant and lovely idea! I am jumping on board a bit behind– but hey, better late than never! Can’t wait to share and see!

I just discovered this challenge and am delighted to join as it is a goal of mine to create something each day! I love to interact with the online artist community and am inspired and invigorated by all of the talent out there. What a great time to be alive and be an artist!

This will be my first art challenge.
This challenge will hold me accountable to getting into my art room and creating. Happy to give it a try! Thanks!!

I am excited to participate in the challenge

Not sure if I pasted the Instagram link right since I’m on my phone


No blog, or URL, would just love to join.


I am so excited to find this.

Being in a foreign country where I do not speak the language fluently enough to join groups, I am a bit lacking in the chatter department.

Be lovely to see what everyone is up to and maybe make some friends and meet other doll crafters along the way.

Thanks so much for the opportunity… xxxxx

Wrote a long thank you but somehow it didn’t post…. So happy to be here… xxx

I’m committing to the being creative every day challenge. I’m focusing this year on getting in touch with myself….who I am and what I want for myself and my future and I’m returning to my creative roots for that. This challenge fits in perfectly because I can participate in a community and yet create in ways I need for me.

Last year I was consistently inconsistent about checking in. I’m aiming to be less inconsistent. :-) Thank you for being here!

I am participating in Leslie Saeta’s 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge for January. I’ll be working on Day 12 today.

Hi! I’ve done the November AEDM challenge for three years. I’m currently making art just about every day, so I’m going to try the year-long challenge and see how it goes. Thanks for doing this!

Joined this years ago as well. I’m happy to see it still excists and to join again!

So happy to be beginning a new year. High hopes for doing art every day and for posting more regularly. I’m looking forward to seeing everybody’s creativity flourish!

I am already trying to be creative every day doing various types of art work, and yarn and fabric! I can always use some new prompts for stretching my wings!! xoxo

Looking forward to another year of creative every day. Thanks for giving us this place for inspiration!

looking forward to this!

Found your blog today and have already made a commitment to be more creative this year, so I’m glad I ran across this page. Thanks for the inspiration!

I don’t have a blog or website, but I totally want to join in on this.

What a wonderful and magical place! Looking forward to seeing and making inspirational art!

would love to be a part of this commitment to creating everyday….thank you
i have things posted on flickr but no current works (plan to remedy that…) =]

I know I can do this!

Not aligned on a year boundary, but ready to take the challenge.

Sign me up please!!! so looking forward to being creative every day.

hi leah please add me to the list — I don’t have a website — looking forward to this years aedm –

One of the things I love is checking everyone’s sites to see their work. I wish I could look at everyone’s art every day. But I would not be able to get anything else done. :D

Back again! Loved it so much last year!


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