Art for Healing

January 2nd, 2016

Last week I was asked to do a commission for a friend of a friend who lost their parent over the holidays. They both loved the ocean and I was asked to do something in a wave pattern to capture that. I painted a subtle heart into the wave. Very fitting considering this month's theme of healing. Art can be healing for the creator and hopefully for the viewer too. 

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There is a lot of feeling when I look at this piece…even if I didn’t know the story behind it. Nice work.

The ocean in its many configurations is healing if you can only hear it. Watching the waves roll in to the shore reminds me of a pulse or heart beat. Your painting is healing through your art and our eyes!

This is really a strong and touching piece. So right for the occasion and I’m sure will be loved by the recipient ♥

Beautiful expressive art for healing and perfect for your commission ~ Happy New Year to you ~ ^_^

I like this a lot!

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