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Art Every Day Month Survival Guide

October 31st, 2017, Comments (0)

Art Every Day Month begins tomorrow! Feel free to come back to creativeeveryday.com and leave a comment on tomorrow's post with a link to what you're working on or just comment about what you're working on. You can also post on the Facebook page, on Twitter, or Instagram with the tag #aedm2017. 

If you've joined in and are worried that you need some extra support, motivation or a daily prompt, then you can sign up for the Survival Guide, a private daily blog with prompts, encouragement, inspiration and a weekly audio exercise. 

And here's are some tips about getting ready for the month: Everyone will approach this differently. Some people like to have a project in mind they'll work on all month (like a large piece), or a specific act of creativity they'll do each day (1 photo each day), while others will do whatever they're inspired to do each day. I tend to go with the flow, but I also like to do some sketching sessions in advance, so on days when I'm feeling less than inspired, I already have some ideas ready that I'd like to explore further. And when those ideas aren't calling to me, I just begin and let my intuition be my guide. Some days the work is wonderful, some days it is not, it is all ok. What I have found is that the process of working every single day, is powerful and interesting things always come up. It's fun. And even more fun doing it with a group of people. So get excited, folks, this is going to be fun! 

Art Every Day Month 2017 Sign-Up

October 18th, 2017, Comments (184)

Art Every Day Month is once again right around the corner! This will be the 16th year I have been creating daily for the month of November and inviting others to join in. Art Every Day Month (AEDM) is a low pressure challenge for anyone who wants to challenge themselves to create daily for a month. Low pressure means if you miss a day, brush yourself off, and get back to it. No worries. By art, I'm talking broadly. You could be cooking, taking pictures, dancing, writing music, crafting for the holidays, painting, sculpting, writing poetry, making jewelry, sewing, knitting, art journaling, you name it. You could decide to do a small 2"x2" drawing each day or you could do something different every day. Up to you! I tend to do more drawing and painting because that's what I like, but you can follow your heart. Just create!

This year, I'll mainly be posting my creations in the Facebook group where you can share your creations as well. If you're on Instagram or Facebook you can use the hashtag #aedm2017. I'll also have a post here on November 1st, where you can share links to creations you've made throughout the month. 

Read more about the challenge here and then sign up below by leaving a comment. If you have a blog, website, flickr page, or instagram handle where you'll be sharing, share that below. If you aren't sharing your work online, then just leave a comment saying that you're participating. 

The challenge begins November 1st!