Day 4

November 4th, 2017

Happy day 3! Hope you all have a great day of creating! 

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4 Responses I hope that no one minds that I have to post “archives” for a week or so since I’m occupied with being a caregiver at the moment and my hubby is coming home from the hospital today after having his second hip surgery in less than 4 months. It’s been a busy time and I have been very productive creatively in spite of it all but this week not so much!! So hopefully once we are back on our home care schedule, I can get back to work in my studio!! Enjoying all your hard work!!

Day 4. Almost forgot to post here!

Today I created a new webhome for us, since the blog I created on Wix 4 days ago has a loooot of limitations. Just to mention one: if you want to enable comments, you need to use a third party app that turns out to be a paying app after the first 10 comments….

I hope we’re all settled now! See you there!

Started a new knit cowl and had to learn a new cast on method!

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