Day 9 of Art Every Day Month

November 9th, 2017

Happy day 9, Creators! Hope your day is magnificent!

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5 Responses

Has anyone found a way to leave a comment for Tobi Kibel Piatek? I’d love to let her know how fabulous her art is.

I was pretty busy this morning so I have a couple of sketches done already! Yay! Motivation is a beautiful thing!

Day 9 already! Well, it’s back to fairy houses for a bit…

Creative Explosion Fest today! With guest appearance of the hubby and his… well I cannot tell coz I don’t want to ruin the surprise :-D

PS Leah, I still find it so sad that all the FB posting people do not link in the daily check-in posts here on CED. Those among us who do not use FB are like lost in space, we cannot visit all those wonderful contributors who no doubt have wonderful creative things to share. I remember the good times when there were hundreds of creative people to connect with… I don’t know what you guys are talking about on FB but would it be an idea to ask everyone to spend one more minute of their posting time to also post a link here? Just asking, you’ll know best what to do!

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