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January 2018 Creative Every Day Check-In

January 3rd, 2018, Comments (2)

Happy New Year! This is the monthly check-in post for the Creative Every Day Challenge. Sign up for the 2018 Creative Every Day Challenge is here. You can sign up anytime during the year. This month's totally optional theme is Be the Light. 

Leave a link to your creativity in January below and/or leave a comment about what you're up to! 

Creative Every Day 2018

January 2nd, 2018, Comments (16)

Hi all! So, while I'm not posting as much here on the blog, I'm still doing the Creative Every Day Challenge. I'll make a monthly post and optional theme that you can use to share your work. And you can share or not share on the Facebook group too if that calls to you! 

Use the link below to sign up and commit to being Creative Every Day in 2018. You can also simply comment below if you'd prefer. I'd love to hear what your creative goals are for 2018. I'd like to organize my art, add more to my website, keep painting, and further develop some children's book ideas I've got percolating. 

Here are my totally optional themes for 2018. Feel free to use them, interpret them however you'd like, or ignore them. Up to you! 

January: Be the Light

February: Heart

March: Adventure

April: Warm

May: Persistance

June: The Stars

July: Water

August: Green

September: Beginnings

October: History

November: Gratitude and/or Art Every Day Month

December: Present