January 2018 Creative Every Day Check-In

January 3rd, 2018

Happy New Year! This is the monthly check-in post for the Creative Every Day Challenge. Sign up for the 2018 Creative Every Day Challenge is here. You can sign up anytime during the year. This month's totally optional theme is Be the Light. 

Leave a link to your creativity in January below and/or leave a comment about what you're up to! 

2 Responses

Thank you so much for hosting Creative Every Day, Leah! It is just the kick in the pants I need to share what I do every day… I really appreciate it!

I am attempting to post once a week on my blog to show my creativity for that week. Whenever I get a good week in a given month, I’ll post here. Thanks again for providing this forum because it helps me keep honest. LOL.

Happy Creating! :)

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