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Creative Every Day 2019

December 6th, 2018, Comments (22)

Use the link below to sign up and commit to the Creative Every Day Challenge in 2019. You can also simply comment below to sign up if you can't use the form. This is a low pressure challenge, but I hope it's an ongoing reminder to commit yourself to a creative lifestyle. I believe creativity can be found in everything from the mundane, every day activities to the more formal pursuits of art-making. It all feeds into the same well of creativity within you!

There will be a monthly check-in post here on the blog, but you can also check in anytime on the Facebook group or you can use the #ced2019 hashtag on Twitter or Instagram. 

I'd love to hear what your creative goals are for 2019. I'd like to continue painting and develop dummies for some of my children's book ideas, so I can start submitting them to agents and publishers. 

Here are my totally optional themes for 2019. Feel free to use them, interpret them however you'd like, or ignore them. Up to you! 

January: Goals

February: Texture

March: Transition

April: Open

May: Happiness

June: Color

July: Risk

August: Waves

September: Figure

October: Empty/Full

November: Art Every Day Month

December: Giving

Creative Every Day Check-In for December 2018: Present

December 1st, 2018, Comments (2)

Happy December! I can hardly believe we're wrapping up 2018 already. This month's totally optional theme is Present (which could mean a gift or being present or the gift of being present.) :-) I'll have information about the challenge for 2019 soon. In the meantime, happy creating! 

Wandering Thoughts is one of the pieces I created during Art Every Day Month. I'll share more soon! The original and prints are available here. And my 2019 calendars are also available here