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Creative Every Day 2021

December 30th, 2020, Comments (23)

It certainly has been a challenging year! For those looking for a gentle push towards daily creativity in all formats, I welcome you to join in! Simply comment below to sign up for the Creative Every Day Challenge in 2021. Leave your blog/website/instagram account if you have one, but it's ok if you don't! This is a low pressure challenge, but I hope it's an ongoing reminder to commit yourself to a creative lifestyle. I believe creativity can be found in everything from the mundane, every day activities to the more formal pursuits of art-making. It all feeds into the same well of creativity within you!

Feel free to check in here or on the Facebook group. You can use the #ced2021 hashtag on Twitter or Instagram. You can find me on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/leah_kolidas/ and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/leah_art

I'd love to hear what your creative goals are for 2021. I plan to continue painting (some of my artwork can be seen in my shop: https://www.leahkolidas.com/ ) and work on creating dummies for the children's books I've been working on. 

Here are my totally optional themes for 2021. Feel free to use them, interpret them however you'd like, or ignore them. Up to you! 

January: Horizon

February: Inside

March: Dirt

April: Cycles

May: Green

June: Moon

July: Play

August: Dreams

September: New

October: Mystery

November: Art Every Day Month

December: Giving