Creative Every Day Challenge January 2021: Horizon

January 1st, 2021

Hello, folks! To kick off the Creative Every Day Challenge in January 2021, I offer a completely optional theme of Horizon. Use it if it sparks your creativity, or let it go if it doesn't. What could horizon mean in your creations? A knew beginning? A landscape? Something with an edge? Feel free to share a link below or simply comment below if you have anything you want to share over the course of the month. You can also share in the Facebook group. Creativity of all kinds are welcome. It could be drawing, writing, photography, clay, music, knitting, cooking, anything can be creative, so just have fun with it. Feel free to commit to your creativity anytime during the year here.

Below is my painting, The Unknown, which was featured in Patti Digh's book, What I Wish for You. Happy New Year, everyone! 

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Happy New Year. Congrats on being in Digh’s book – love your painting. I am anxious to get back on track and create as much as possible this year.

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