Days 25 – 30

November 30th, 2021

Day 25: Be a Poem. 8”x8” mixed media on panel.

Day 26: Ready. Mixed media on paper.

Day 27: Released. Mixed media on paper.

Day 28: Connected. Mixed media on paper.

Day 29: Shadows

Day 30: Leaving Flowers in her Wake.

4 Responses

My favorites this week are Ready and Leaving Flowers in Her Wake. I especially like the mixed media aspect of these two pieces, but they are all beautiful.

I forgot to thank you for hosting again this year and for allowing those of us who are only bloggers the opportunity to share our art without having to join an unwanted social media site.

Fantastic, I love the style, and you use such great colour combinations. Thank you so much for hosting AEDM , I have really enjoyed doing it every day. It’s a shame that more people didn’t join in.

Thank you so much for hosting AEDM Leah, I had a really fun month seeing what everyone was making and making myself. I really love your artwork and these last few days are amazing. I really love Day 25 and Day 30 especially. Happy AEDM 2021! Elle/EOTC xx

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