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Full Wolf Moon and Other Goodies

January 19th, 2011, Comments (9)

With tonight being the Full Wolf Moon, I sat down after dinner to make a dreamboard, something I used to do with collaged images, but in the last year or so I have enjoyed drawing or painting them. I thought it was a good thing to share during the month of cosmos! In this one, I intuitively drew a tree growing from a wolf, with the various branches holding things I want to manifest, such as a healthy body and baby. Have you made a dreamboard for the full moon before? You can find out more about them from the amazing, Jamie Ridler.

I've got a couple other goodies to share too!

1. The lovely and talented, Liv Lane is celebrating the one year anniversary of her Happy HeART giveaways and to help her celebrate, I'm giving away one of my prints! All you have to do is stop by and leave a comment here.

2. My calendar publisher offered me a great discount after the holidays, so I picked up some more, so I could pass the savings on to you! While they last, you can grab one of my 2011 calendars for half off! And if you'd like a drawing on your birthday in the calendar, simply order a second item (greeting card, print, or original art.)

3. The Soul Art TV series of interviews of Creative Revolutionaries has been so fun to watch! If you haven't checked them out yet,  you can sign up here (they're free) and get a whole bunch of free gifts in the process! I'll let you know when my interview is up.

We Are All Made of Stars

January 12th, 2011, Comments (46)

I was just full of images today relating to the Cosmos theme and I'm glad I was able to get one of them out. I was thinking of Carl Sagan's quote about us all being made of "star stuff" and also singing Moby's song in my head as I painted it.

Of course, since I've got my baby on my mind, this worked it's way into the piece too, with a pregnant figure and a spiral of stars at the belly. Oh, I love that spiral!

This piece is about 5"x10" with acrylic and ink on canvas paper.

New Moon Rabbit

January 5th, 2011, Comments (20)

Last night was the New Moon, so thinking about the whole cosmos theme, I spent a little time drawing in watercolor pencils in my sketchbook and ended up with this bunny sitting in the circle of the New Moon.

I like to think of New Moons as a time of new beginnings, a time to reflect, gather, and dream of what's ahead.

For the year ahead, what is it you'd like to gather to you, as you prepare for a year of creativity? What tools do you need at your disposal? What support systems? What would you like to manifest? What are your intentions for your creative life?

UPDATE: This evening, as I was reading the comments on this post, I looked up and saw a bunny rabbit sitting just outside our screen door in the backyard. And in the middle of winter! What sweet synchronicity!

Night Dance

January 3rd, 2011, Comments (15)

If you're looking for this week's check-in, I posted it a little early, on Saturday, because I thought it would be nice to have a check-in begin at the start of the year. After this week, the check-ins will return to Mondays.

I'm loving the excitement and enthusiasm around the Creative Every Day Challenge this year (you can sign up anytime!) Keep on sharing, encouraging each other, and creating freely. It's going to be a great year!

With the piece to the right, I started playing intuitively with a piece of 6"x12" canvas paper that I wet, then dripped magenta and blank ink onto it, letting it spread and move on the page. As I worked, I thought about the cosmos theme and it felt like I was creating a mini milky way.

I let that dry and then came back to it later. I saw a figure dancing, so I brought that out with a bit of acrylic paint. I put on a podcast about prenatal dance while I painted, so that was great background for this pink dancer!

Creative Every Day Theme for January: Cosmos

December 30th, 2010, Comments (34)

At the end of each month I will announce the totally optional theme for the following month. For the month of January 2011, the theme will be the Cosmos. This theme was suggested by the lovely Lianne Raymond. Thank you, Lianne!

As always, this month's theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge is totally optional. Use it if it inspires you, continue being creative every day in your own way if it doesn't, or do something in between. You can sign up for the 2011 Creative Every Day Challenge anytime. More info can be found here and the sign-up page is here.

I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month on the blog to help keep you inspired. You can use the posts here for jumping off points or interpret the theme in your own creative way. If you need some suggestions, here are a few ideas to get you started. You could:

  • *Go stargazing and make up your own stories for the constellations.
  • *Paint the night sky.
  • *Make a mobile of the solar system.
  • *Explore the myths of your favorite planet or star and write a poem about it.
  • *Get inspired by the ways the cosmos have been represented by different cultures and art forms.
  • *Wish on a star.
  • *Play with the ideas of order and chaos.
  • *Create a mandala that represents the cosmos.
  • *Focus on the lunar or other planetary cycles this month. Create a dreamboard for the full moon (January 19th.)

How to use the CED themes:

If you're feeling creatively stuck or blocked at any point during the month, use the theme as a source of inspiration to get you moving. Feel free to focus on the theme in your creative activities for the entire month or as much as you'd like.

Using the theme is entirely optional for CED participants. Use it if it inspires you, ignore it if it doesn't. I'll be sharing posts throughout the month around the theme (among other things) to get you thinking about how to incorporate it into your life. I'd love to hear how you use the theme in your creative world.

And have fun with it!

We are a way for the cosmos to know itself. ~Dr. Carl Sagan

p.s. The art above is adapted from my painting, If the Moon Came to Dinner. Prints are available here.