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Day 18: Mother Moon

November 18th, 2011, Comments (15)

Another intuitive piece tonight. Someone asked about the process I'm using with these pieces lately. I usually wet the watercolor paper, then drip fluid acrylic and/or inks onto the page, letting the paint spread and moving it around a bit while the paint is still wet. I sometimes sprinkle some sea salt on top of the wet paint, which creates some interesting textures. I let the paint dry, and let it alone for awhile. Later, I come back, turning the page, looking for images in it. I thought this one was going to be some kind of landscape, but when I went to work on it, I saw a distinct face I couldn't ignore! So, I went with that and one thing led to the next!

Day 17: Lady Fall

November 17th, 2011, Comments (28)

Finished this up a little late tonight, but I like the way it came out. Feels very dream like. I started it early in the morning with acrylic paint on watercolor paper and a bit of salt sprinkled on it. Then came back with some more paint and ink in the evening, bringing out the shape of a woman and trees that I saw there.

Day 14: Inkblot, On the Edge

November 14th, 2011, Comments (10)

More inkblot action today! Glad some of you enjoyed the video in yesterday's post! I'd forgotten the end sort of leaves you hanging. It was originally done as part of an online workshop, where the video was the beginning and the second part was a written explanation with pictures that explained how you can use whatever materials you have handy to work into your inkblots, bringing out the images you see there. I tend to use marker, ink, and colored pencil on my inkblots, but you could also use paint, pastels, or whatever suits you!

Here's an example of a before and after I did previously, so you get a better idea of what I mean. What would you have seen in the first image?



p.s. I was so honored to be interviewed by the fabulous Kimberly Wilson for her Tranquility du Jour podcast! You can listen in as I talk about Art Every Day Month and motherhood here.

Day 13: Inkblot Horse Race

November 13th, 2011, Comments (12)

Another busy day here. The hubster and I became Godparents to our nephew, Jude! Annabelle was such a great sport all day. All smiles for everyone. We were such proud parents.

Tonight, I'm wiped, so I turned again to my inkblots and did this drawing in my mini sketchbook.

Curious about inkblots? I did this video about the process. Enjoy!

Day 11: Thought Birds

November 11th, 2011, Comments (9)

I had the general idea for this piece a few weeks ago, sketched out in my sketchbook, but the way it developed today with the paint splotches, was spontaneous and fun. I like it!

Today, my mom watched Annabelle, so I could get my hair cut (heaven is getting your hair washed!!) and she brought over a hat she knit for her. Oh my goodness, it's adorable! Thanks, mom!

Day 10: Fall

November 10th, 2011, Comments (23)

Another day of starting art during the morning nap and finishing it after the baby's bedtime. This is good! I'm finding ways to fit art in that work for all of us, even if it is a tight squeeze, especially on days like today when Annabelle fought tooth and nail to stay awake. Oy!

I had the inkling of an idea for this piece at the end of last month and today felt like a good day to bring it to life! The woman at the center is letting leaves fall from her hands. I think it's an homage to letting go. She is like a tree herself, letting the leaves fall to the ground.

Someone asked me today what medium I've been using. In this piece and the last, I worked with acrylic paint on watercolor paper, with a bit of ink for the small details.

Day 9 – Tree Moon

November 9th, 2011, Comments (22)

Last night was a long one. As I was up, I noticed the bedroom was well lit by the growing moon, which will be full tomorrow. I had the idea then to paint an image of a figure in a forest looking up at an overwhelmingly large moon. And today, I painted it!

Day 8 – Collecting Starfish

November 8th, 2011, Comments (20)

I started this piece early in the day, letting paint run together on a wet page. Then I let it sit out, looking at it occasionally while entertaining the baby during the day. After I put her to bed, I went into it with white pen, purple marker and a little more paint. The image that came surprised me, but I'm liking it. I think it was inspired by the miniature starfish in our fish tank that seem to multiply over night.

Day 6 – Emily and the Deer

November 6th, 2011, Comments (22)

A quick drawing today, using some new brush pens I picked up. I had no plans, just started to draw and the deer came. I seem to be connecting with deer lately. I'll have to look them up in my Animal Speak book!

I hope you had a beautifully creative weekend!

Talking to Trees

November 3rd, 2011, Comments (11)

Today I managed to start a piece, while holding Annabelle. Talk about multi-tasking! I held her, while wetting a piece of paper and dropping some ink and paint on the page. Later, while she napped, I came back to the page, looked for what I saw in the ink/paint droppings and started an intuitive drawing.

What came was a woman, speaking in tree language, while resting on the moon. Again, I think I'm working off my night-time nursing!

I'll be honest and say that I'm struggling a bit to keep up with art-making, running the challenge, keeping up with emails, and taking care of Annabelle, while being sleep-deprived. Today, I got whopped with a monster-migraine. I need to find more ways to take my own advice and make it doable for me, so I don't crash and burn! At the same time, this is good experience in finding ways to make it work, make it manageable and keep on creating. And I'm grateful for the push.

In other news, my 2012 Calendar is now ready for pre-order! This year I'm filling the calendar with twelve of my favorite pieces. If you're interested, please order by 11/20 to guarantee holiday delivery. As a special bonus, if you order by 11/20, I'll add a drawing to your birthday (or the birthday of your recipient) in the calendar. You can purchase the calendar here.