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Day 11 – Blue Lantern

November 11th, 2012, Comments (6)

Weekends seem to be just as jam-packed as weekdays around these parts, but it was fun! Today, I started with painting color on a wet sheet of watercolor paper and then let my intuition be my guide as to where to take it. It turned into this woman carrying a lantern full of blue light.

Playing Around

July 12th, 2012, Comments (10)

I've been having fun playing with the round theme! This one was a bit of play with paint on black paper. I'm calling it "Above and Below."

And here's a doodle I did last week.

If you're playing with the round theme, I hope you're having fun with it too!

The Weight of Walking

June 16th, 2012, Comments (16)

I had a brief pocket of time today, just ten minutes actually, and I used it to do a little free form painting. Ah, that felt good.

I used the opposites theme as a jumping off point, starting with black paper and white paint.

One, a little late

June 10th, 2012, Comments (11)

I did these pieces for the one theme and I'm just now getting around to posting them. Life has been busy! I was working with a blue monochromatic background to go along with the one theme of last month and later went into them with white ink to bring out these images, Bucket and Trailing Stars. They feel like a pair to me. And ah-ha! They also work for the Opposite theme this month, with one figure looking up and one looking down!

Dark Night

March 23rd, 2012, Comments (19)

Snuck in some art during yesterday and today's nap times and came up with this creation, "Dark Night." Going with the mixed-media theme, I used acrylic paints on watercolor paper to start, and later went into it with white and black inks. I had intended to do something different, but as often happens, once I get started, I see some shape in the paint and have to go with it!

Bird Hearts

March 7th, 2012, Comments (5)

One of my favorite ways to work in mixed-media lately is with paint and ink. I think it's partly the immediacy of it. Acrylic paint and ink dry fairly quickly and the ink part is not messy, too things that have become more important to me with a baby at home.

Speaking of making art with a baby at home, I recently did a guest post about how I fit in time to make art during my first year as a mom, which you can read here. It's part of a series about motherhood and creativity, with lots of great posts, so check it out!

Layers of Loss

February 23rd, 2012, Comments (29)

I'm still knee deep in grief here. But I've found some comfort in art, which is nice. I don't always feel like drawing and painting when I've experienced loss in the past, so I'm glad it can be a good way to let things out now.

The piece above was completely spontaneous and a lovely surprise. I had a pad of tracing paper in front of me on my art table, left out after making a playful Valentine's Day card for Andrew from Annabelle. I picked up some brush pens and started to draw on the top sheet. It felt a bit other-worldly. I then had the idea to turn to the next page to draw another layer, with a tree and roots. And then one last layer with a cat and roots.

Sometimes, when there are no words, thank goodness for art to be able to get out what's running through my mind.

Thank you to everyone who has left kind words for me after Sadie's passing. I really appreciate it!

Day 30: Bird in the Woods

November 30th, 2011, Comments (13)

Day 30! Woohoo! I'm proud of myself for getting through this month and I hope you all are feeling good about what you've accomplished.

I started to feel like my paintings were starting to tell a story recently. Perhaps if I put them all together, I'll be able to see what the narrative is.

Tomorrow I'll have a check-in for the Creative Every Day Challenge to carry us through til Monday, when I'll resume the regular weekly check-ins.

Congrats to all the Art Every Day Month participants. You all rock!

Day 27: Mermaid Night

November 27th, 2011, Comments (12)

Sometimes, when working intuitively, I like to crop the page to a size that suits what I end up working on, which is part of why I like working on paper. It allows for easy cropping! This piece is an example of that. I liked the way the mermaid looked in a long strip instead of the wider page that I used.

Day 18: Mother Moon

November 18th, 2011, Comments (15)

Another intuitive piece tonight. Someone asked about the process I'm using with these pieces lately. I usually wet the watercolor paper, then drip fluid acrylic and/or inks onto the page, letting the paint spread and moving it around a bit while the paint is still wet. I sometimes sprinkle some sea salt on top of the wet paint, which creates some interesting textures. I let the paint dry, and let it alone for awhile. Later, I come back, turning the page, looking for images in it. I thought this one was going to be some kind of landscape, but when I went to work on it, I saw a distinct face I couldn't ignore! So, I went with that and one thing led to the next!