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Notebook Pages and Other Bits

December 14th, 2008, Comments (12)


I just had the notebook pages I sent in as part of the Do Not Leave Unattended project posted on their blog. The project involves a series of notebooks that are sent out to the locations of participants all over the world who write, draw, or create whatever they like in some of the pages before passing it on. The first page I did is above. On the left is the pink paper that came in the book. On the right is an image I drew in ink on a vintage journal page that I then pasted into the notebook. I had the idea to octopus umbrellas. Cool looking, but not very practical. Here are the other pages I did:


On the last page spread, it's a bit hard to see, but there's a tree in silver ink coming out of the woman's mouth. The silhouette is cut from blue paper that I glued onto the page. It was fun making these pages. And I love the idea of them traveling all over. I sent the journal to Ontario, Canada next and from there who knows will it will go!

Tonight, I listened in on Ananda Leeke's monthly radio program, Go Green Sangha. This month's program was all about transforming your life, career and home into a sacred green space. And one of my favorite people, creative musepreneur, Jennifer Lee, was one of the guests on the call! You can listen to the show in its entirety here. I was trying to listen in, but got in a little late because of some technical difficulties (you can normally listen to the show live online through a chatroom, but that wasn't working tonight.) But I did call in later and ask a question of the panel which was, "Are you doing anything new or different in the coming year to create sacred space in your home?" I loved the answers I got too! If you have an answer to the question, I'd love to hear it in the comments! Oh! And I almost forgot to mention that I'm going to be a guest on Ananda's show next month. I hope you'll join in!

I have another fun link to share with you tonight, a newly discovered blog called Treasures Found :: Inspiration is Every Where. The author of this blog, Erin, let me know that she featured my blog recently in her "Check it Out" portion of her latest blog post which was all about the art of making mistakes. As Erin notes, so-called "mistakes" can lead to beautiful things!

We had a pretty mellow weekend here. Well, except for the Christmas shopping attempt which was a bit hairy. Heh. Overall, I've been a bit lazy, but that's just fine with me. I'm a very lucky girl because the hubster made the most fantastic minestrone soup for dinner tonight. Yum! Hope your weekend was a wonderful one!

Beetle Juice

July 11th, 2008, Comments (17)

Life is good and I'm feeling oh so grateful. One of the things I'm feeling grateful for is a healthy Sadie-cat. Thank you for all the kitty well wishes! Sadie went on antibiotics on Tuesday and by Wednesday evening she was 95% better. Thursday she was her regular crazy-kitty-self. I'm so happy about that.

It's late and I need to crash, so I'll have to save the rest of the post I was planning to write til later. Above is a spread from a moleskine I'm doing as part of a swap. On the right I drew a little pic of the necklace I purchased recently and on the left I wrote the message that's on the opposite side of necklace.

Oh wait, one last story before I go to bed because this whole thing made me laugh so hard. It started when I went into the bathroom where the hubster was brushing his teeth and I noticed something strange around his waist. Where a belt would normally be, he had a usb cable going through the loops of his shorts. I was confused and asked, "Um, what is that?"

Apparently he got to work and noticed his shorts were so loose and could fall down at any moment. He couldn't find a belt in his office, so he improvised, found a usb cable, took it into the bathroom, fastened it around himself like a belt and then pulled his shirt over it so no one would see. Too funny. I started cracking jokes about him being like a geeky MacGyver and then kicked him out so that I could use the bathroom. Well, I'm in there with my shorts down when I see this gigantic bug on the floor. I mean huge! I thought it was a cockroach at first. I yelled to the hubster to come quick and he told me it was a very large, but friendly looking beetle. Well, he may have been friendly, but I wanted him out of the bathroom immediately. So, I grabbed a plastic cup and a piece of paper, put the cup over the super-bug, the hubster slid a piece of paper under him, and I went ahead to open the porch door. The hubster came out of the bathroom with the gigantic bug in the cup and as he gets close to me he says, "Get out of the way, he's getting out!" Apparently, this clever beetle was trying to make an early escape. The hubster starts running towards the porch door just as his usb-belt-less pants fall down around his ankles. He practically trips and throws the cup, paper, and beetle out onto the porch all together and slams the porch door shut. I'm hysterically laughing at this point, yelling, "Oh my god. That was classic!" The two of us pant-less, trying to get a huge beetle out the door. Good times. Hehe.

I really hope that was a stray beetle though and that we don't see any more of those things inside. I'm not usually super spooked by bugs, but this one gave me the heebeegeebees!

Juggling Acts

July 1st, 2008, Comments (10)

I had a lovely weekend in NYC (mainly in Queens) with the hubster's family and friends. Back at home, my introverted self is quite tuckered out and I've been whacked around by a nasty migraine. But I had a great day before the migraine attack. I went into Boston to drop off some more prints along with a bunch of originals at Oak. I shopped around in the store a bit and picked out a couple cute barrettes. Then since I had some extra time on the meter, I walked around for a bit and checked out the new Apple store. It's very pretty. I'm glad I don't have to drive down there everyday, but it wasn't too bad today. I found a kick-ass parking spot on my first try and didn't hit any traffic. Hooray for summer! Ack, it's July! I can hardly believe it! I've got a birthday coming up this month and a wedding to travel to and I'm hoping it will be a creative and fun-filled summer.

Before leaving for New York, I put some paint into a moleskine and smushed the pages together to make some inkblot art. I've done this before and enjoyed the results, but this particular journal is part of a sketchbook exchange that Jim put together. I've never done one of these before, but I think it will be very cool to see what everyone does. My first inkblot (really a paintblot, the paint is the orange and purple) suggested the form of swirly ponytails, which led to this image of a circus act, which I made into a poster of sorts. My sketchbooks tend to be kind of random, so who knows what will be next.

In my regular sketchbook, I'm filling page after page with images. I've got a painting idea (that I dreamed about) that involves a tattoo and I'm trying to figure out tattoo design. I know it's circular, but the rest is a mystery. I've got a commission that needs working on, some business to take care of, some art that wants to be created, and loads of cleaning that needs to get done. Such is the juggling act of life! It's a good juggling act though.

I know there were other things that I wanted to mention, but that's all I've got at the moment!

Swap Fun!

May 24th, 2007, Comments (8)

I got the my box swap in the mail yesterday from Kelly! What a treat! I cracked up when I saw the tissue paper that it was wrapped in and what the beautiful flower was created from because I recognize it! I can't remember where I got this tissue paper. Something I bought was wrapped in it. But I also used it in some art, here!

I carefully unwrapped the package, to find this gorgeous box inside! I felt a rush of child-like joy upon opening up my box of treasure. And it was much like a treasure inside! Charms, glittery bits, tiles spelling out my name, and all sorts of goodies. Thanks so much, Kelly!

Also, I've been remiss in not sharing the pictures of the journal I got in another swap. I mentioned it earlier and how I took it with me to the river for some morning pages, but here are the pics, finally! This is the first altered journal that Nikki has ever done. Wow! It's beautiful and I love the texture.

Swapjournal  Swapjournalinside

And thanks to CAC for setting up these great swaps!


May 16th, 2007, Comments (12)


A little peek at the boxes I've painted up for the swap at CAC. So much fun. I love little boxes. Today I had all sorts of plans, but a lot of them got side-railed. I was about to go out when I noticed the little clown fish was in the filter...again. It took me an hour to get him out. There's this little nook he gets into and...well, let's just say, I got pretty wet getting him out. But he's back in the tank and I set up a barrier again, so hopefully he won't go back in there.

We had thunderstorms this afternoon. I love a good thunderstorm. It made the kitties perk up their ears and the apartment got very dark and spooky. I love being inside while the skies rumble. It makes me feel oh so very cozy.

Off to watch some Lost.