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This is the new site for my links page. My main blog is Creative Every Day.

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  • Home of the year-long Creative Every Day Challenge (CED) and Art Every Day Month (AEDM, every November)!
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Creative Every Day 2008 Participants

November 2008: Sixth Annual Art Every Day Month

  • Guidelines:
    Every November, I lead a challenge called Art Every Day Month (AEDM). Email or comment if you'd like to join in. Rules are simple: Make art every day for the month of November, post it on your blog if you can, and have fun with it! Art is loosely defined here, just be creative in any way your heart desires (painting, collage, doodle, drawing, clay, poem, video, music, knitting, whatever!) Even if you just make art every week or once this month, the goal is simply to bring more creativity into your life. My art will be posted on my blog, Creative Every Day, and in an album in the sidebar. Albums from past years can be found in the sidebar as well. November 2008 will be the 6th year of AEDM. Feel free to join in the fun! Be an Everyday Creative, Be Creative Every Day!


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