Art Every Day Month Survival Guide

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Welcome, fellow travelers!

For over 10 years I've been leading the Art Every Day Month Challenge in November. It's been a wonderful way to challenge myself and others to bring more creativity into our lives, create every day, get great support, and connect with other creatives.

The Art Every Day Month Survival Guide is here to help support you through the process and keep you on track for the full 30 days. Through 30 posts (on a private blog) filled with inspiring artwork, quotes, writing, and occasional audio clips, I'll be your guide through the hills and valleys of this fabulous creative journey. I will have all 30 posts available to you when you sign up, so that you can read the posts one day at a time or skip around to find one that inspires you most that day. It will also give you the opportunity to start anytime and take longer than 30 days if you need it. You will have 90 days to use the information as you wish. 

Having been through this process for 15+ years, I know its ups and downs and have developed a program to help you not just survive, but thrive throughout this 30 day adventure in daily art-making.

What you'll get:

  • *A daily blog post every day for 30 days, with the opportunity to leave comments and/or ask questions anytime.
  • *The ability to access all 30 posts at once, so that you can start at the beginning or explore at random.
  • *Tips, tricks, suggestions, and prompts to kickstart your creativity.
  • *Beautiful artwork.
  • *Recommended websites, books, music, and art supplies.
  • *Encouraging words to keep you inspired from day 1 to 30.
  • *One mp3 recording per week with added tips, visualizations, and stories.

With the help of the Art Every Day Month Survival Guide you will:

  1. *Fly through 30 days of making art every day.
  2. *Feel inspired and energized to create.
  3. *Find motivation to keep going even on those days you just don't feel like it.
  4. *Participate in the truly magical process of creating art every day for one month!

The material is essentially the same as previous years, with a few minor tweaks, so be aware of that if you purchased the guide before.

The price for the Survival Guide is only $30, just $1 a day. A great deal to keep you motivated all month long!

*You can purchase the guide anytime, but it will not be available to view until October 31st. As soon as I receive payment from you, I have to do this manually, so I as soon as I see the purchase, I will grant access to the private blog site. This site will remain open for 90 days for you to explore as you would like.