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July 12th, 2008

Above is a work in progress, another in the series of "Subway Stories" pieces. This one happens to be a commissioned piece. Commissioned pieces always take longer than I expect that they will and I think this is partly out of fear. I'm afraid the buyer will be disappointed. Once I get started and do the piece, I always feel better and so far the folks who have purchased commissioned pieces from me have been happy. Yet, the same fear pops up each time, albeit less and less each time. This time wasn't too bad. But getting over the hump of fear was my small act of bravery for the day, as I've quietly started doing Jessie's Be Brave project. My brave act of the day is mentioning that I'm doing it here (because in sharing that I am in fact doing it, makes it quite clear to myself that I'm really doing it!)

Bebrave_2 Last year when Jessie started the Be Brave project, I was in the midst of wedding planning craziness (I got married in the same month that it started) and felt like it was too much to take on, but I really and truly admired what Jessie and others who joined her were doing and I could readily see the benefits of doing something brave each day. In the past year, I've had this in my mind, trying to do at least one small act, no matter how minuscule, that scared me.  Doing this gave me such a great feeling of accomplishment. The idea also fit in well with my word for the year, "now," as in the time is now, there's only now, do it now.

This month, when I saw Olivia re-visiting the project it re-sparked my interest and then when I saw Jessie re-newing her commitment to it, I decided that the time is now! Jessie is going to start later in the month, which I considered doing, but she also encourages any one interested, to make their own rules and make it work for them. So for me, this project will be my reminder to push my boundaries and perceived limitations, to be brave and bold. I give myself permission to make my daily act as small as I'd like or as big as I'd like. And I may take some days off of thinking about it (maybe weekends?) I will talk about my brave acts where I feel it's appropriate and some I will keep to myself. I'm shooting for a month (I started on the 10th) and then I'll decide where I want to go from there.

I've had some really fun synchronicities over the past few days and other things to share, but the porch is calling me and so it's time to kick my feet up with a good book which just happens to be titled, Synchronicity by Carl Jung. Have a wonderfully creative weekend!

p.s. Did you know Project Runway starts up again next week?? Yay!

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Me too, Brave One.

I think I would like to push myself out of my comfort zone. What seems like daily ordinaries to other people is often really hard for me.

And sometimes those things that I want to be daily ordinaries for me, are really scary… like writing in my novel. Which was my brave act for today. If I hadn’t thought about bravery, I wouldn’t have written at all. In the end, I wrote five pages.

Welcome to the BE BRAVE group, Leah! Your rules sound perfect and nice and gentle. I have questioned myself about the intensity with which I am pursuing BE BRAVE and wondering if I would do better with days interspersed to process all of the changes. Reading your post, I’ve realized that I do indeed have permission to make my own rules, so I’m going to do it! Thank you for your inspiration today, xxoo, O

I so relate to the need to be brave as I’m preparing to stop what I’ve been doing for a living for the past 13 years. And it was an act of “bravery” which got me into that kind of freelance work then, so now that it no longer works for me, surely I can take another chance and find my bliss somewhere else. But where? What? That is the question…

Isn’t synchronicity fascinating? In my experience, the more you notice it, the more it happens. It surely makes life feel extra magical. I think I’ve read most books on the topic, including C.G. Jung’s. You might also enjoy “Synchronicity”, by my friend Deike Begg.

By the way, I’ve nominated you for a blogging award :-) Details are on my blog.

Arrived here this morning via Chantal…I too have recommitted to the BE BRAVE PROJECT…This is a fabulous piece you have going here…overcoming creative fear for clients is a difficult one that I also struggle with, but I know that they would not have commissioned US if our style did not speak to them…
Artfully Yours,

Hi Leah, I have given you the Arte y Pico award… you can pick it up on my blog and I just have to say that I appreciate you, your blog, your inspiration to myself and others with your sharing of your creative energy.
With much gratitude,

ah, more Subway Stories. Wonderful! I, too, gave you an award over at my blog (more! you deserve more!)

I’m with you girl!!! We can all be brave together…then after awhile we’ll learn there really is nothing to be afraid of at all!!

Love the commission. It is going beautifully!

Peace & Love.

leah, i am so glad that you are doing this! :) i am catching up with your blog tonight and feel so filled by your words. and, i must say, congratulations on getting another commission! i hear ya on the fear thing. i notice that i tend to tighten up a bit when doing commissioned pieces. it always works out in the end, but i’m learning not to promise anything to specific to the people i am painting for. i’ve started telling people that i need to leave room for “magic” and for the “paint to express itself.” saying this makes me feel better and people always seem to respond well to the idea of the unexpected surprises that can be found in the creative process.

it’s definitely a process and i have so much to learn about myself and letting go. i think your piece is beautiful and i am sending you mucho courage and lots of love!

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