Art Every Day Month Check-in Day 1!

November 1st, 2017

Hello, Creators! Feel free to leave comments on this post about your daily creations. You can leave a link or just talk about what you're up to. You can also share in our Facebook group. Or on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #aedm2017. 

Remember that all forms of creativity are welcome. You can paint, cook, dance, write, photograph, doodle, sew, craft, whatever! And if you happen to miss a day (or more), don't let that stop you. Just start fresh the next day and get back to creating. I'm so thrilled to be sharing this experience with all of you! 

Happy creating! 

p.s. Because some folks are missing the Mr. Linky widget, I've brought it back! Although we've expanded into social media realms so that people who don't blog can share and participate, I of course want bloggers who don't use social media to be able to share too. I thought sharing links in the comments would be an ok option for folks, but I want everyone to be happy, so I hope this helps! 

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For day 1, I shared my completed October calendar and my ready to write in November calendar.

I am NOT on any social media site except blogger, and it’s disappointing that everything here seems to be geared away from blogs and on to other social media sites.

I agree with Bleubeard and Elizabeth. FB is no fun place to share art. For this AEDM at least I expected a linkup. Not just a comment post. :(

A linkup without images is free to use.

I’m sorry, the link up I was using cost me extra money, so I’m just trying to simplify.

Happy AEDM everyone!! =)

I hit the word count that I wanted for the first day of NaNoWriMo :)

Here’s my first post for the Challenge:
I have set-up a blog roll (upper right side-bar), just for participants in this year’s challenge that will include thumbnails of everyone’s posts, just in case that helps. Didn’t think it would hurt, in any case. Looking forward to what everyone creates this year…I’ve missed this challenge.

Here’s our first mother and daughter contribution!

The creation of our website will be part of the everyday creativity so a little patience might be required ;-)

Sooooo looking forward to this month thanks to AEDM!!!

oops! forgot to leave a link. Gotta’ get used to the new format…

oops! forgot to leave a link. Gotta’ get used to the new format…

Oh I also wanted to add that while I LOVE this challenge and see it as an awesome opportunity for my daughter, it is such a pity that it runs on social media now. I’m not on FB myself and I am certainly nót taking my daughter down that road… I understand that the list-up costs money you’d rather not spend but is it maybe possible to encourage everyone to post daily in your check-in post so that those who aren’t on FB also get to meet and greet all the participants? Just thinking out loud

Leah, why not join Inlinkz and use their FREE service. Even Mr. Linky has a free service. We don’t need pictures, but a link up every day is better than having to scroll through the comments to find those who are playing.

The free service with Mr. Linky wasn’t working because I couldn’t share more than one linky at a time. But not to worry, I’ve put it back up. I hope it helps!

Nelly, I totally understand! And I love that your daughter is playing along. My daughter did AEDM with me when she was three and it was so much fun to do together. I added Facebook because not everyone blogs and there was a call for that as well.

I worked on my “mother’s survival kit”, a cereal box I’m re-purposing to store memories and encouraging things related to the two little girls we are adopting.

Day 1 2017! Here we go!

Oh thank you so much, Leah! I understand you cannot possibly omit Facebook. And now with the Magical Links we have the best of both worlds, awesome!

Hi, AEDM folks! I wasn’t sure AEDM would have a place for non-FB people, this year, and am glad to find there is one! Please feel free to drop over to my blog on dreamwidth and say hi!

Because I don’t do FB and was uncertain about AEDM’s non-FB availability, I decided to do the Inktober challenge, this year, so there’s a lot of art you can scroll back through. I’m not sure if I’m up to doing art every day two months in a row, but creative every day I might manage. :-)

And I did make a piece of art for 11/01/17. Yay, all of us!

I’m late responding, but I did get a drawing in my Draw Every Day, Draw Every Way book done. It’s a start!

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